Earthen Root Enclave is a 4-player group dungeon located in High Isle in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is part of the Lost Depths DLC. It features Normal and Veteran Modes. Players can use the Group & Activity Finder tool to easily find groups to tackle this dungeon with.

Earthen Root Enclave Guide including all Earthen Root Enclave Sets, Boss Mechanics, and group role recommendations for Tank, DPS, and Healer.

A spiritual sanctuary for all druids of the Systres Archipelago, Earthen Root Enclave has been attacked by the fierce Firesong circle, and Druid Laurel of the Stonelore needs allies to repulse the invaders and protect the sacred shrine's many relics. But why have the fractious Firesong attacked now? And what will be the consequences of this trespass for the people of High Isle?


Earthen Root Enclave Veteran Walkthrough & Strategies



Suggested group composition for Earthen Root Enclave

  • Tank
  • DPS
  • Healer



Earthen Root Enclave Walkthrough

Corruption of Stone

  • Summon ground AOE and minions
  • Levitate and start charging a deadly AOE attack (80%, 61%, 30%). Hide behind the Stone Wall.
  • Once the Boss dives down, it will start charging a second AOE attack. Hide again behind the new Stone Wall.

Corruption of Root

  • Spawns poison AOEs
  • Spawn three Distributary enemies (60%, 20%)

Archdruid Devyric

  • Summon large stone pillars that explode, dealing AOE damage and firing multiple projectiles to PCs.
  • Summon Fire Wolves that lock on a player and charge.
  • Summon a Lightning Pillar that fires shock projectiles on players.
  • Transform into a large bear at 62% and 20%.

Where to find Scalded Roots

You can find Scalded Roots on the Eastern part of the Elden Root Enclave area. To activate her you will need to ignite three Bonfires around the area.

Where to find Lutea

You can find Lutea in the second map of the Dungeon, Deeproot. In order to spawn Lutea, you need to "bloom" three large flowers in the area. Head to the pools to collect water with the "Use Empty Vessel" synergy. Take the Full Vessel to the location of the Flowers and interact with them. (Both the pools and the flowers are guarded by Fireshong Groveshapers.)


Earthen Root Enclave NPCs

  • Druid Laurel
  • Druid Lyam
  • Druid Enrick
  • Druid Gwyssa
  • Druid Perielle


Earthen Root Enclave Rewards

  • Pet: Mulberry Hermit Crab
  • Body Marking: Touch of the Draoife Body Marks
  • Bust: Archdruid Devyric
  • Title: Earthen Root Avenger
  • Title: Earthen Root Champion
  • Head Marking: Touch of the Draoife Face Marks
  • Trophy: Archdruid Devyric
  • Deeproot's Undying Bloom
  • Dye: Brightfern Green
  • Title: Invaders' Bane


Earthen Root Enclave Books

  • The Meaning of the Hidden Fawn by Druid Anouk 
  • Message of Welcome by Archdruid Wyn
  • The Only Record of Our Plan by Archdruid Devyric
  • Spirits of Lost Nature by Archdruid Melie



  • Dungeon Gallery




  • Earthen Root Avenger
  • Earthen Root Enclave Challenger
  • Earthen Root Enclave Champion
  • Earthen Root Enclave Conqueror
  • Earthen Root Enclave Vanquisher
  • Earthen Root Explorer
  • Firesong Druid Slayer
  • Lurcher and Graft-Root Slayer
  • Vivified Warrior
  • Master Mason
  • Contagion Contained
  • Aggressive Arborist
  • Demolition Delegation
  • Earthen Root Explorer


Earthen Root Enclave Map

earthen root enclave map 1 eso wiki guide

earthen root enclave map 2 eso wiki guide

earthen root enclave map 3 eso wiki guide




  • Scalded Roots
  • Corruption of Stone
  • Lutea
  • Corruption of Root
  • Jodoro
  • Archdruid Devyric

Set Drop

Collectibles in the area

  • Touch of the Draoife Face Marks
  • Touch of the Draoife Body Marks
  • Brightfern Green dye
  • Invader's Bane title
  • Earthen Root Champion title
  • Mulberry Hermit Crab pet


  • Stone Atronachs
  • Lurchers
  • Monstrous Bears


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