Wayrest Sewers is the 4-man dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online for players of the Daggerfall Covenant. It is located under the city of Wayrest in Stormhaven. This dungeon will have players fighting with strange monsters of the deep such as crocodiles and giant rats, which in a large number can prove quite challenging. In Veteran Mode, you will return to fight stronger versions of enemies you once fought, all ready for vengeance. Players can use the Group & Activity Finder tool to easily find groups to tackle this dungeon with.

Veteran Walkthrough & Strategies

Veteran Wayrest Sewers is a rather manageable VR 6-10 Veteran dungeon. The dungeon can easily be completed in less than 20 minutes and can be used as a training farm for VR8+ players to level to VR10 by playing over and over again. All in all, the dungeon makes for a fun play.

Malubeth the Scourger

Boss Mechanics:

  • Blue Bolt Attacks that can do medium amounts of damage.
  • Red Circles that will be dropped on players at random to deal damage and slow movement.
  • Lifting attack that suspends the player mid air and deals damage.

Strategy: The tanks should focus on the Bolt attacks and block those to lessen the damage dealt by them and make your healers job a little easier. The circles will start to turn blue as they deal more damage and you should avoid standing in these circles and move out immediately. Players must be quick to get out of the Lifts as they happen by running towards the Daedric Altars.

Uulgarg the Risen

Boss Mechanics:

  • Fear & Fire Trail attacks that causes all players to leave a fire trail as you run around in Fear.

  • Heavy Melee attack that involves him swinging his sword at players close-by.


  • The deadliest attack Uulgarg the Risen has is the Fear that needs to be interrupted immediately so as to avoid being burnt to a crisp.

  • The melee swing is easy to escape. The key is to just interrupt and stay away from other members to avoid running into their fire trails.


Skull Reaper

Boss Mechanics:

  • 4 Healer Skeleton ads (2,500 HP each) that heal the boss

  • Frontal attack that is shaped like a cone and can be fatal if not blocked


  • Attack the 4 ads before attempting to take down the boss.

  • The tank should focus the boss away from the group and block the nasty Frontal attack.


Garron the Returned

Boss Mechanics:

  • AOE circles that are easily avoided

  • 4 Ghost ads (2,500 HP each) that can root players and do large amounts of damage, sometimes even fatal.

  • Heavy Beam that can do the most damage


  • Kill or use crowd control tactics on the ads when they spawn as they can wipe you out in a single shot!

  • Be ready for the Heavy Beam attack when Garron the Returned teleports to the center of the room.

  • The healer should be healing all throughout the beam. It is ideal to save up the Ultimate for during this beam.


The Lost One

Boss Mechanics:

  • Loads of ads

  • Frontal wave that can One-Shot Kill you if not blocked


  • The tank should block the wave and face the boss away from the rest of the group. Dont try to avoid this wave as you risk hitting other group members while doing so.

  • The rest of the group should quickly deal with the ads first before dealing with the boss.


Varaine and Allene Pellingare

Boss Mechanics:

  • Circle/Cone attacks from either Veraine that deal minimal damage if blocked

  • Multiple Bats with 3,000-5,000 HP will spawn when the two bosses disappear (NOTE: Sometimes ESO bugs out leaving the bosses still active. Tanks should try to be ready for this)

  • Immunity Shield lasting for upto 20s on the boss with the lower health when the health difference is more than 15%.


  • Block or avoid the cone/circle attacks.

  • Have a DPS on each boss to deal roughly equal amounts of damage each time

  • AOE or crowd control the bats in the middle of the room.


  • ??

Wayrest Sewers Information



Wayrest Sewers Map




Set Drop

NPCs in the area

  • Gederic Serre

  • Investigator Irnand

  • Investigator Lienne

  • Kidnapped Peasant (Veteran)

  • Yahyif

Notable Items

  • Beware: Undercity Ruffians

  • Journal of Master Pellingare

  • The Art and the Madness v. 1


  • ??


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