Tempest Island is a 4-man dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online. It is located in towards the northwestern coast in Malabal Tor. You will be tasked with ridding the island of the invading Maormer. The Island has a total of 6 bosses, of which 3 are mini bosses. Players can use the Group & Activity Finder tool to easily find groups to tackle this dungeon with.

Walkthrough & Strategies

Tempest Island has a lightning-based element to it. The bosses often use these lightning attacks to shock players. The bosses are not difficult to defeat if you have in your group a Dedicated Healer and a Tank blocking the bosses' heavy melee attacks.

Sonolia the Matriarch

Health: 1,744K

Boss Mechanics: This boss is assisted by a couple of Lamia ads, target them first. The boss uses disorienting sound cone attack which can deal heavy damage.

Strategy: Deal with the ads first, calling the targets so your group can focus fire. The tank should keep the boss facing away from the rest of the group so nobody is hurt by the coned sound attack. Sonolia should not prove any difficulty to your groups.

Valaran Stormcaller

Health: 1,912.8K

Boss Mechanics:

  • Lightning which improves his defences and slightly shocks nearby players.

  • Constant Lightning Strike AOE that moves around the room throughout the fight and can deal heavy damage if it touches you.

  • Random stuns to a player for 3-4 seconds

  • Heavy melee attack

Strategy: Try to stay out of the way of the Constant Lightning Strike. Block all his heavy melee attacks to avoid great health losses. Valaran will not always respond to tank's taunts. Just avoid the AOEs and Valaran shall prove no match for you.

Yalorasse the Speaker

Health: 1,745.4K 

Boss Mechanics:

  • Loads of ads that go for the Healer first.

  • Whirlwind AOE that does physical damage

  • Heavy melee attacks

  • Lightning AOE on the Tank's location

Strategy: Deal with the ads first. Be quick to move out of range of the Whirlwind around the boss. The Tank should block the heavy melee attacks and move out of the Lightning AOE whenever it happens.


Health: 3,007.5K

Boss Mechanics:

  • Kick AOE over time that casts a red circle which rapidly increases in size. It deals a lot of damage. Throws players down if caught in it.

  • Ground Punch that does damage to players close to him.

  • Ads that are summoned periodically and can deal decent amount of damage

  • Pulsating lightning strikes at low health towards all players in the room that does heavy damage. It is unavoidable.

Strategy: Healers need to be on top of their game. Constantly look out for those damaged by the heavy AOE that Stormfist has. The tank needs to look out for Stormfist's Ground Punch and deal with it. At low health, the pulsating lightning strikes can deal heavy damage so you should just kill him as quickly as possible to avoid taking too much damage.

Commodore Ohmamil

Health: 1742K

Boss Mechanics:

  • LOTS of ads. They deal more damage than Ohmamil himself.

  • Heavy melee attack that can be blocked by the tank

  • Temporarily levitates players and disabling them for few seconds. Not harmful.

Strategy: Deal with all the ads first. Tank should focus on blocking the melee attack.

Stormreeve Neidir

On Veteran difficulty, this boss has an optional hard/Undaunted mode that may be activated by reading from a scroll nearby. Activating the scroll will increase the boss' health and causes the tornadoes to move significantly faster. Successfully defeating the boss on this hardmode will reward the party with 2 Undaunted Keys if they have the appropriate daily pledge quest.

Health: 4703.7K

Boss Mechanics:

  • Shock AOE around the boss.  On Veteran difficulty, this is lethal.

  • Random lightning strike at a party member.  Heavy damage if not blocked/dodged.

  • Charges towards a random player.

    • This attack can be lethal on Veteran mode.
    • Can be blocked, or dodged.
    • Has a minimum range, roughly that of her shock AoE.  Staying close to the boss avoids being targeted for the charge.
  • Miniature tornadoes that constantly move around the room. These deal damage,cause a brief stagger on contact, and can interrupt dodge rolls.


  • General
    • Always stay moderately close to the boss to prevent her charge attack.
    • Raising her hand in the air signals the lightning strike.  If she is looking in your direction during this, you should block.
    • Everyone will need to weave around the cyclones that are randomly moving, while staying close enough to the boss to avoid the charge.
    • Run or roll out of the ground AoE she casts.  Once it is gone, return to melee range to avoid the charge attack.
  • Tank
    • Neidir is mostly immobile for this fight, but you can re-position her if necessary by putting some distance between you two in order to force her to charge you.
  • Healer
    • Expect heavy, random damage on the party.  If someone fails to block the lightning strike, they will be succeptible to being killed by a cyclone running into them afterwards.


  • ??

Tempest Island Information


  • Tempest Island: Defeat Varan Stormcaller, Stormfist, and Stormreeve Neidir.


Tempest Island Map







Set Drop

NPCs in the area

  • Battlereeve Alduril

Notable Items


  • Lamia
  • Sea Vipers – various types
  • Storm Atronachs


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    • Anonymous

      Neidir only does her aoe attack if you are too close, get too far and she does her lunge attack. If she is about to do her lunge attack she will do a superman look before the leap, that is your only time to roll forward and try to bridge the gap distance and pray you are within the safe distance. If you are ever curious about the distance... have someone equip grothdar head and shoulder and have them proc its attack, have that person keep about about 1-3 feet from it touching her and you are in the safe spot. At that point the only thing you need worry about is dodging her windstorms and her random zap attacks.
      Her aoe attack is based on magic resistance, as her lunge attack is based on physical resistance. You could tank both but unlikely for most people to be able to do so. If you are uncomfortable with where she is placing herself you can lure her over to somewhere else where it is more open and easier to dodge the storms. Just have someone (tank preferably) to run over to a spot you want her at. As long as no one else is further out from her but the person you want to lure her over she will take the bait and launch at him. Just block and use your wards and block. When you are luring her over... never keep your eye away from her... always keep her within your field of vision.

      • Anonymous

        Neidir strategy is incomplete/misleading.

        She never does her AOE nor jumps at those at long range if everyone stays at a 6 metre or so mid range.

        This guide is the reason people think she does her AOE no matter what, I'm pretty sure.

        The trick is avoiding little cyclones and still staying at mid range.

        • Anonymous

          You cannot block or dodge her random lightning strikes or her charge. Lightning strikes are unavoidable and have the potential to one-shot players around 17k hp. The best way to avoid the charge is stay generally close to her.

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