Equipment in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) can be obtained in several different ways. It can be dropped by enemies and found in chests both on the landscape or in dungeons. It can also be crafted by yourself or other players, it can come from vendors in Tamriel or Cyrodiil, and it can come from Guild Stores.

ESO Equipment Types


There are several different types of equipment in ESO and all serve to help the player accomplish his/her goals in the world:


Armor of the First Titan.png


Armor - Armor is what protects the player from Physical Damage. There are 3 different types: Light, Medium and Heavy. Each type can be worn by players of any Class or Race and they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Sword Ancient Elf.png Shield Ancient Elf.png

Weapons & Shields

Weapons - Weapons are what determine the damage a player deals with Light and Heavy Attacks as well as abilities found in the Weapon Skill Lines.
In the case of Restoration Staff, this also effects healing of these abilities.

Shields - Shields further protect the player from Physical Damage by boosting his/her Armor. One also tends to mitigate more damage whilst blocking with a Shield if points have been allocated in the One-Handed and Shield Skill Line to do so.


AntiquityMythic Items

Mythic Items - a type of item introduced with the Greymoor Expansion in 2020, they can only be obtained by completing Antiquity hunts, using your Scrying Skills and Excavation Skills. Mythic items are very powerful, resulting in a "one piece Set" effect, but players may only equip one mythic item at a time.


Nightflame Helm.png


Sets - Sets are specific named pieces of Armor, Weapons or Jewelry, that when used together grant the player bonuses which further enhance his/her abilities. Sets favor a whole gamut of different play styles and there are over 300 to choose from.

Glyph of Absorb Stamina.png


Glyphs - Glyphs are powerful enchantments that can enhance your Armor, Weapons and Jewelry to be even more powerful. They add things like Health, Magicka, more Armor or more damage.


Slottable Items

Crafting and Buying of slottable equipment such as potions, food and temporary buff scrolls and effects.



Companion Equipment

All types of equipment for your companions, make them more powerful and helpful in your adventure.







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    • Anonymous

      The armor you drop adapts to your lvl. After Champion Level 160 the armor you dropped stays at CP lvl 160.

      The difference between your lvl and armors lvl chances the stats you are getting from your armor.

      For example you drop 10 lvl armor which gives "+500 max HP" when you reach lvl 14 and if you are still wearing the same armor it gives you "+430 max HP". This is mainly how lvl 50 and lvl10 player can have same stats.

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