Antiquity system in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is added with Greymoor Expansion. In this game activity, you will discover lost artifacts for the whole of Tamriel. The relics that you can bring to light include collectibles and unique items, such as furniture and heirlooms. As an up-and-coming archaeologist, you can scry the location of ancient relics and excavate them via a series of new minigames.


How to find Antiquities

The new Antiquities system allows you to scour all of Tamriel for lost relics and treasures. Through the use of two new Skill Lines and the new Antiquarian's Eye Tool, you'll be able to uncover new furnishings, equipment, a mount, and more!

To begin, visit the Antiquarian Circle, located in the city of Solitude, in Western Skyrim. There, speak with Verita Numida, who will introduce you to the Antiquarian's Eye, and teach you the skills needed to begin seeking Antiquities. You can then strike out on your own, or continue to learn more about the Antiquarian's Eye and how the Antiquities system works from Verita and Gabrielle Benele.


  • In most cases before you can Scry for an Antiquity, you'll need to obtain a Lead. Leads can be found in a wide variety of ways and places throughout the world, and do not require you to be an Antiquarian to obtain them (though you will need to be to utilize them).
  • Some Leads may require you to have done other tasks before you can obtain them – exploring a Zone, completing a quest, or digging up other Antiquities. 
  • Leads expire 30 days after you obtain them. (Of course, you can always obtain them again).
  • Leads can be found almost anywhere, from nearly any activity. Below are some hints to get you started.
    • As a general rule of thumb: the rarer the Antiquity, the more specific, hidden, or mysterious its source. 
    • Lead sourcing is often related, directly or indirectly, to the Antiquity it will lead to. For instance, if you're looking for Leads to Antiquities concerning Glenumbra's history, try scouring Glenumbra. 
    • Some Leads are already known – to someone else. Try defeating powerful foes, speaking with shopkeepers, or checking in treasure hoards big and small. 
    • When in doubt, poke around and explore. You may find a new Lead when – and where! – you least expect to. 


Scrying, Excavating, and The Antiquarian's Eye 

  • Once you've obtained a Lead, you'll learn a little about the Antiquity – enough to Scry for it.
  • You can Scry for an Antiquity from the Journal or from the Map.
  • You must be in the Antiquity's correct Zone in order to Scry for an Antiquity. 
  • Once you've successfully excavated an Antiquity, you'll learn a little lore about it. There are hundreds and hundreds of tidbits of scholarly discourse to be uncovered!

Antiquity Rewards





List of Antiquities


All Antiquities by region





altar_of_celestial_convergence-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideAltar of Celestial Convergence  What occurs when the stars align to match the constellation at the heart of this ominous altar remains a mystery, but the sinister serpents on display conjure only catastrophe in the imagination. Craglorn
anvil_of_old_orsinium-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideAnvil of Old Orsinium  Add a touch of Old Orsinium to your home with this well-crafted anvil and cinder-dousing bearskin rug. Wrothgar
ashen_infernace_gate-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideAshen Infernace Gate  Foreboding and grim, this gate literally radiates danger and gloom. Are you fearless or foolish enough to welcome whatever might pass through it into your home? Stonefalls
ayleid_lightwell-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideAyleid Lightwell  Ayleids believed that four elements composed Nirn: light, earth, water, and air. Light, when used in lightwells, allowed mages to restore their energy, though this one is primarily a showpiece. Betnikh
beacon_of_tower_zero-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideBeacon of Tower Zero  Long removed from the Direnni Tower, give the holy light of Ada-mantia a place to shine forth from your abode. Stormhaven
blessed_dais_of_mother_morrowind-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideBlessed Dais of Mother Morrowind  Elegant. Grand. Pointed. Much like Almalexia herself. Woe unto those who would let this blessed dais fall into dust and disuse. Deshaan
branch_of_falinesti-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideBranch of Falinesti  Formed by the Bosmer tree shapers of the Walking City, this throne subtlely conforms to whomever sits upon it, providing strangely comfortable seating from this ancient hardwood. Greenshade
brazier_of_frozen_flame-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideBrazier of Frozen Flame  With its dazzling mix of sapphire and silver hues, this brazier lights up dramatically with an icy blaze. Bleakrock Isle
carved_whale_totem-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideCarved Whale Totem  Crafted from opal, this whale totem expresses a sense of simple joy to some. Others, however, believe it to hold more spiritual significance. Eastmarch
cat's_eye_prism-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideCat's Eye Prism  The strange stone on this pedestal appears to catch light as easily as it catches the eye, but how it does this remains a mystery. Khenarthi's Roost
daedric_pillar_of_torment-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideDaedric Pillar of Torment  Piece of art? Or torture device? Maybe both, depending on how you choose to view it. Coldharbour
dwarven_puzzle_box-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideDwarven Puzzle Box  Is it a toy? A vault? A piece of an even more elaborate puzzle? No one will know until someone opens it. Stros M'Kai
dwemer_star_chart-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideDwemer Star Chart  Show off your love of Dwarven astronomical knowledge by placing this wondrous star chart in your home. Alik'r Desert
ebony_fox_totem-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideEbony Fox Totem  The mischievous fox of this totem calls to kindred spirits. Watch closely anyone drawn to it, then judge accordingly. The Rift
echoes_of_aldmeris-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideEchoes of Aldmeris  This triptych may stir ancestral memories in Mer — a longing of the soul for home. Or so the antiquarian claimed. Auridon
eight-star_chandelier-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideEight-Star Chandelier  Brighten up a large space with this welkynd-stone chandelier dedicated to the blessed Eight. Grahtwood
font_of_auri-el-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideFont of Auri-El  Nestled inside this massive stone edifice shines a glowing symbol of Auri-El, King of the Aldmer. Western Skyrim
golden_idol_of_morihaus-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideGolden Idol of Morihaus  Winged. Golden. Arresting, as the demi-god himself. Kneel before this idol and pray for a fraction of his might! Gold Coast
greensong_gathering_circle-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideGreensong Gathering Circle  With this cauldron, you can gather companions to honor the Green or simply display it as an interesting Wood Elf creation. Greenshade
hollowbone_wind_chimes-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideHollowbone Wind Chimes  This mix of bone, metal, and sinew provides a strangely soothing and meditative sound. Malabal Tor
jeweled_skull_of_ayleid_kings-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideJeweled Skull of Ayleid Kings  If skulls feature prominantly in your decor, this jeweled skull can become the crowning piece of your collection. Glenumbra
kingmaker's_trove-furniture-eso-wiki-guideKingmaker's Trove  Eye-catching, is it not? This gorgeous chest requires more than a second look to take in all its masterful filigree and accents. Glenumbra
maormeri_serpent_shrine-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideMaormeri Serpent Shrine  The Maomer are said to tame the great serpents of the sea, but while such magnificent creatures may be out of reach, this winding statue is the next best thing. Auridon
meridian_sconce-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideMeridian Sconce  It's said that the light of Meridia is boundless and eternal. Sadly, the candles in this majestic sconce are neither, but the impression this installation creates is long lasting. Gold Coast
mnemonic_star-sphere-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideMnemonic Star-Sphere  Experts continue to deduce the purpose of this device, but for now it serves as a memorable decoration. Clockwork City
moonlight_mirror-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideMoonlight Mirror  Framed gorgeously, the moons dominate this mirror, making it more for gazing at than into. Reaper's March
moons-blessed_ceremonial_pool-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideMoons-Blessed Ceremonial Pool  Khajiiti legends claim that moon sugar comes from the light of the Two Moons trapped in the blessed waters of their homeland. The wondrous twinkling of this moonpool would lead you to believe it. Southern Elsweyr
morwha's_blessing-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideMorwha's Blessing  The four-armed Yokudan fertility goddess Morwha stands enshrined and flanked by her winged guardians, promising prosperity to all who stand before her. Hew's Bane
moth_priest's_cleansing_bowl-eso-wiki-guideMoth Priest's Cleansing Bowl  Don't mistake this humble bowl as a simple object of sanitation! This cleansing bowl is believed to have removed impurities from the fingers of Moth Priests before they went about reading the Elder Scrolls. Elsweyr
nest_of_shadows-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideNest of Shadows  Deadly and dramatic, this metal serpent encircles, and some say threatens, the lavender-hued egg nestled in its coils. Shadowfen
nisswo's_soul_tender-furniture-eso-wiki-guideNisswo's Soul Tender  This pedestal is considered sacred to the "nothing speakers" of Sithis, but it is believed to play a part in the eternal cycle of creation and destruction. Murkmire
noble_knight's_rest-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideNoble Knight's Rest  Become the caretaker of this knight's sarcophagus and remains—but take your duties to heart lest you end up haunted! Stormhaven
prismatic_sunbird_feather-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guidePrismatic Sunbird Feather  Gloriously stunning doesn't even begin to describe this unusual feather. Allow it to light up a dark nook or perhaps place it front and center in your personal collection of eye-catching objects. Summerset
remnant_of_the_false_tower-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideRemnant of the False Tower  Rich rose-hued colors delight the eye when gazing upon this unusual stone remnant. Rivenspire
riven_king's_throne-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideRiven King's Throne  Add some elegance to your abode with this opulent throne from Rivenspire. Rivenspire
ruby_dragon_skull-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideRuby Dragon Skull  The size and luster of this ruby would be a magnificent addition to any Dragon's hoard, even if wasn't masterfully cut into their likeness. Bleakrock Isle
rune-carved_mammoth_skull-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideRune-Carved Mammoth Skull  The metal accents on this well-dressed mammoth skull add much to its impressive staging. The Rift
sacred_chalice_of_ysgramor-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideSacred Chalice of Ysgramor  Whether you choose to honor the Harbinger by keeping this chalice on display or by filling it with the best mead in Skyrim, it will serve you well. Eastmarch
seat_of_the_snow_prince-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideSeat of the Snow Prince  The simple lines of this stone throne offer some insight into the personlity of the Snow Elf ruler who ordered its creation. Western Skyrim
shrine_of_boethra-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideShrine of Boethra  Few can resist the instinct to tuck tail and scurry from this epitome of cool, feline ferocity on display. Southern Elsweyr
silvenari_sap-stone-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideSilvenari Sap-Stone  This lovely sap-stone can add both a touch of the Green and dramatic flair to any wall you choose to place it upon. Malabal Tor
sixth_house_ritual_table-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideSixth House Ritual Table  Scholars of House Dagoth would find this ornate table both beautiful and thrilling—a marvel to admire, far away from Ordinators. Vvardenfell
sorcerer-king's_blade-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideSorcerer-King's Blade  Complete with its own stone display furnishing, this broken blade was once wielded by an Ayleid ruler who held mastery over great magic. Reaper's March
spellscar_shard-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideSpellscar Shard  This captivating shard of the great obelisk retains just enough energy to emit a dramatic electrical show. Craglorn
st._alessia,_paravant-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideSt. Alessia, Paravant  Paravant, meaning "The First," is a title given to Alessia, leader of the rebellion against the Ayleids. Perhaps you'll be the first to display "The First," eh? Grahtwood
st._nerevar,_moon-and-star-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideSt. Nerevar, Moon-and-Star  Behold the Champion of Azura, the Hero of Red Mountain, the Herald of the Triune Way, Saint Nerevar Moon-and-Star in all his glory from the comfort of your own home. Vvardenfell
stained_glass_of_lunar_phases-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideStained Glass of Lunar Phases  The Khajiit describe the changing of the Two Moons as a graceful dance, and this stained glass window somehow captures their elegance, especially under the moonlight. Elsweyr
sweet_khenarthi's_song-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideSweet Khenarthi's Song  The rich blues and golds of this tapestry, along with its subject matter, might just tempt you into hanging it opposite your bed, allowing it to be the first thing you see in the morning and last thing you see at night. Khenarthi's Roost
tall_papa's_lamp-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideTall Papa's Lamp  The incense burned within this marvelous lamp is alleged to have guided Yokudans into transcendant experiences. Bangkorai
the_dutiful_guar-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideThe Dutiful Guar  This guar looks so real it could draw breath, leading some to suggest the subject of this piece lies beneath the bronze. Bal Foyen
the_heartland-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideThe Heartland  Bask in the beauty and grandeur of Cyrodiil and the Imperial City, unmarred by the Three Banners War. Alik'r Desert
tri-angled_truth_altar-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideTri-Angled Truth Altar  With markings that show veneration to old gods, this splendid altar required consummate geometric knowledge to create. Bal Foyen
tusks_of_the_orc-father-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideTusks of the Orc-Father  None who see these imposing tusks from Wrothgar on your estate can doubt your bravery. Having them is one thing. Keeping them? Another entirely. Wrothgar
void-crystal_anomaly-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideVoid-Crystal Anomaly  Floating serenely, these black crystals provide an unsettling focal point to any garden or room. Coldharbour
warcaller's_painted_drum-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideWarcaller's Painted Drum  No musical instrument collection is complete without this massive drum. When used, all who hear it feel its beat deep within their bones. Betnikh
yokudan_skystone_scabbard-antiquities-furniture-eso-wiki-guideYokudan Skystone Scabbard  Imagine what the sword that belonged to this stunning scabbard might have looked like! As it stands, the scabbard alone deserves all the attention it garners. Hew's Bane
Red Eagle Cave Painting   The Reach
Vampiric Stained Glass   The Reach






Crafting Motif 87: Ancestral Nord Ancestral Nord ancestral_nord_heavy-eso-wiki-guide
Crafting Motif 88: Ancestral Orc Ancestral Orc ancestral_orc_heavy-eso-wiki-guide
Crafting Motif 89: Ancestral High Elf Ancestral High Elf ancestral_altmer_heavy-eso-wiki-guide
Crafting Motif: Ancestral Reach Ancestral Reach  
Arkthzand Insight Vertex Shroud    




Ebon Dwarven Wolf This mount is split into 17 fragments, found throughout the base game and Western Skyrim. You'll need to collect all seventeen pieces in order to form the mount.
Dwarven Scarab (Pet)  







Ancestral Orc Gloves Motif Simple Green Alik'r Desert
Antique Map of Alik'r Furnishing Simple Green Alik'r Desert
Satakal Skinrazer Treasure Simple Green Alik'r Desert
Dwarven Spine Coupling Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Intermediate Blue Alik'r Desert
Na-Totambu Two-Fingered Gauntlet Treasure Intermediate Blue Alik'r Desert
Weathered Dwarven Cogs Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Intermediate Blue Alik'r Desert
Ancestral Orc Swords Motif Advanced Purple Alik'r Desert
Hegathe Divining Rod Treasure Advanced Purple Alik'r Desert
The Heartland Furnishing Advanced Purple Alik'r Desert
Coil of Satakal Furnishing Ultimate Gold Alik'r Desert
Dwarven Leather Saddle Seat Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Master Gold Alik'r Desert
Torc Strand of Lore Torc of Tonal Constancy Part Master Gold Alik'r Desert
Faded Psijic Folio Treasure Simple Green Artaeum
Warped Scrying Dipper Treasure Intermediate Blue Artaeum
Ritemaster's Slate Treasure Advanced Purple Artaeum
Coral Plating Thrassian Stranglers Part Master Gold Artaeum
Ancestral High Elf Bows Motif Simple Green Auridon
Antique Map of Auridon Furnishing Simple Green Auridon
Festival of Defiance Token Treasure Simple Green Auridon
Scale-Etched Slither Pipe Treasure Intermediate Blue Auridon
Aldmeri Golden Embellishments Aldmeri Symphonia part Advanced Purple Auridon
Ancestral High Elf Chests Motif Advanced Purple Auridon
Aquiline Calian Sphere Treasure Advanced Purple Auridon
Maormeri Serpent Shrine Furnishing Advanced Purple Auridon
Echoes of Aldmeris Furnishing Ultimate Gold Auridon
Inert Anemone Inlay Thrassian Stranglers Part Master Gold Auridon
Ancestral Nord Belts Motif Simple Green Bal Foyen
Basalt-Table Game Set Treasure Simple Green Bal Foyen
Ancestral Nord Staves Motif Intermediate Blue Bal Foyen
Great House Gold Chalice Treasure Intermediate Blue Bal Foyen
Resdayni Signet Ring Treasure Advanced Purple Bal Foyen
The Dutiful Guar Furnishing Advanced Purple Bal Foyen
Tri-Angled Truth Altar Furnishing Advanced Purple Bal Foyen
Malacath's Brutal Rune Core Malacath's Band of Brutality Part Master Gold Bal Foyen
Ancestral Orc Leg Greaves Motif Simple Green Bangkorai
Antique Map of Bangkorai Furnishing Simple Green Bangkorai
St. Pelin's Cod Treasure Simple Green Bangkorai
Dwarven Rib Frame Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Intermediate Blue Bangkorai
Wyrd Root Figure Treasure Intermediate Blue Bangkorai
Ancestral Orc Shields Motif Advanced Purple Bangkorai
Dwemer Trade Bar Treasure Advanced Purple Bangkorai
Frostlancer Construction Crate Container Advanced Purple Bangkorai
Sloped Dwarven Guards Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Advanced Purple Bangkorai
Tall Papa's Lamp Furnishing Advanced Purple Bangkorai
Torc Strand of Song Torc of Tonal Constancy Part Master Gold Bangkorai
Orcish Siege Gear Treasure Simple Green Betnikh
Ancestral Orc Belts Motif Simple Green Betnikh
Ancestral Orc Staves Motif Intermediate Blue Betnikh
Ayleid Tendrilled Eye Treasure Intermediate Blue Betnikh
Ayleid Lightwell Furnishing Advanced Purple Betnikh
Cornerstone of Reman II Treasure Advanced Purple Betnikh
Malacath's Brutal Scourge Hoop Malacath's Band of Brutality Part Master Gold Betnikh
Warcaller's Painted Drum Furnishing Ultimate Gold Betnikh
Ancestral Nord Axes Motif Simple Green Blackrock Isle
Rune-Carved Steering Oar Treasure Simple Green Blackrock Isle
Ancestral Nord Helmets Motif Intermediate Blue Blackrock Isle
Cloven Ritual Mask Treasure Intermediate Blue Blackrock Isle
High King Sunstone Treasure Advanced Purple Blackrock Isle
Ruby Dragon Skull Furnishing Advanced Purple Blackrock Isle
Auri-El Metal Carvings Snow Treaders Part Master Gold Blackrock Isle
Brazier of Frozen Flame Furnishing Ultimate Gold Blackrock Isle
Series Two Animo Core Treasure Simple Green Clockwork City
Apostle's Scourge Treasure Intermediate Blue Clockwork City
Elegiac Vessel Treasure Advanced Purple Clockwork City
Mnemonic Star-Sphere Furnishing Master Gold Clockwork City
Tormentor's Roller Treasure Simple Green Coldharbour
Inert Daedric Manacles Treasure Intermediate Blue Coldharbour
Daedric Pillar of Torment Furnishing Advanced Purple Coldharbour
Ebony-Forged Dwarven Limbs Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Advanced Purple Coldharbour
Shattered Iron Maiden Treasure Advanced Purple Coldharbour
Magicka-Imbued Metal Plates Snow Treaders Part Master Gold Coldharbour
Sanguine Doublet Bloodlord's Embrace Part Master Gold Coldharbour
Void-Crystal Anomaly Furnishing Master Gold Coldharbour
Watcher's Ritual Stole Treasure Simple Green Craglorn
Cracked Serpent Pendant Treasure Intermediate Blue Craglorn
Sacrificed Weapons of the Four Treasure Advanced Purple Craglorn
Spellscar Shard Furnishing Advanced Purple Craglorn
Aetherquartz Tonal Resonator Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Master Gold Craglorn
Altar of Celestial Convergence Furnishing Master Gold Craglorn
Ebon Dwarven Wolf Head Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Master Gold Craglorn
Large Aetherium Lenses Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Master Gold Craglorn
Torc Throat Guards Torc of Tonal Constancy Part Master Gold Craglorn
Ancestral Nord Boots Motif Simple Green Deshaan
Antique Map of Deshaan Furnishing Simple Green Deshaan
Coiled Snake Candlestick Treasure Simple Green Deshaan
Ancestral Nord Maces Motif Intermediate Blue Deshaan
Torn Netch-Leather Mask Treasure Intermediate Blue Deshaan
Brittle Linen Pilgrimage Map Treasure Advanced Purple Deshaan
Blessed Dais of Almalexia Furnishing Ultimate Gold Deshaan
Dwarven Articulated Paws Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Master Gold Deshaan
Dwarven Horngrip Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Master Gold Deshaan
Torc Strand of Power Torc of Tonal Constancy Master Gold Deshaan
Ancestral Nord Leg Greaves Motif Simple Green Eastmarch
Antique Map of Eastmarch Furnishing Simple Green Eastmarch
Nord Copper Shield Boss Treasure Simple Green Eastmarch
Wolf-head Brooch Treasure Intermediate Blue Eastmarch
Aligned Dwarven Plates Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Advanced Purple Eastmarch
Ancestral Nord Shields Motif Advanced Purple Eastmarch
Royal Ivory Hilt Treasure Advanced Purple Eastmarch
Sacred Chalice of Ysgramor Furnishing Advanced Purple Eastmarch
Carved Whale Totem Furnishing Master Gold Eastmarch
Snowy Sabre Cat Fur Strip Snow Treaders Part Master Gold Eastmarch
Yellowed Grummite Pearl Treasure Simple Green Eyevea
Sheogorath Madness Cube Treasure Intermediate Blue Eyevea
Inert Daedric Spellstone Treasure Advanced Purple Eyevea
Sticky Integument Leather Thrassian Strangler Part Master Gold Eyevea
Ancestral Orc Bows Motif Simple Green Glenumbra
Antique Map of Glenumbra Furnishing Simple Green Glenumbra
Manmer Coupled Idol Treasure Simple Green Glenumbra
Rislav Tryptic Panel Treasure Intermediate Blue Glenumbra
Ancestral Orc Chest Pieces Motif Advanced Purple Glenumbra
Jeweled Skull of Ayleid Kings Furnishing Advanced Purple Glenumbra
Physnatic Scroll Case Treasure Advanced Purple Glenumbra
Band of Water Ring of the Wild Hunt Part Master Gold Glenumbra
Goblet Gorget Bloodlord's Embrace Part Master Gold Glenumbra
Kingmaker's Trove Furnishing Master Gold Glenumbra
Ornate Nose Ring Treasure Simple Green Gold Coast
Water-worn Anvil Bust Treasure Intermediate Blue Gold Coast
Book of Dark Rites Treasure Advanced Purple Gold Coast
Golden Idol of Morihaus Furnishing Master Gold Gold Coast
Meridian Sconce Furnishing Master Gold Gold Coast
Ancestral High Elf Boots Motif Simple Green Grahtwood
Antique Map of Grahtwood Furnishing Simple Green Grahtwood
Bosmer Hunting Horn Treasure Simple Green Grahtwood
Ancestral High Elf Maces Motif Intermediate Blue Grahtwood
Ayleid Statuette Treasure Intermediate Blue Grahtwood
Eight-Star Chandelier Furnishing Advanced Purple Grahtwood
Shattered Camoran Antler Crown Treasure Advanced Purple Grahtwood
Face of the Serpent Ring of the Wild Hunt Part Master Gold Grahtwood
Preserved Music Box Mechanism Aldmeri Symphonia Master Gold Grahtwood
St. Alessia, Paravant Furnishing Ultimate Gold Grahtwood
Ancestral High Elf Daggers Motif Simple Green Greenshade
Ancient Fertility Totem Treasure Simple Green Greenshade
Antique Map of Greenshade Furnishing Simple Green Greenshade
Ancestral High Elf Shoulders Motif Intermediate Blue Greenshade
Protective Tar Warding Sigil Treasure Intermediate Blue Greenshade
Den of the Eldest Shoes Treasure Advanced Purple Greenshade
Greensong Gathering Circle Furnishing Advanced Purple Greenshade
Branch of Falinesti Furnishing Master Gold Greenshade
Symbol of Y'ffre Ring of the Wild Hunt Part Master Gold Greenshade
Halved Lion Mane's Wig Piece Treasure Simple Green Hew's Bane
Coiled Serpent Lock Treasure Intermediate Blue Hew's Bane
Portrait of Lady Vadaya Treasure Advanced Purple Hew's Bane
Yokudan Skystone Scabbard Furnishing Advanced Purple Hew's Bane
Morwha's Blessing Furnishing Master Gold Hew's Bane
Ancestral High Elf Axes Motif Simple Green Khenarthi's Roost
Ancestral High Elf Belts Motif Simple Green Khenarthi's Roost
Khenarthi Skooma Pipe Treasure Simple Green Khenarthi's Roost
Ancestral High Elf Helmets Motif Intermediate Blue Khenarthi's Roost
Ancestral High Elf Staves Motif Intermediate Blue Khenarthi's Roost
Ancient Fishing Rod Treasure Intermediate Blue Khenarthi's Roost
Pilazjo's Training Blade Treasure Advanced Purple Khenarthi's Roost
Sweet Khenarthi's Song Furnishing Advanced Purple Khenarthi's Roost
Cat's Eye Prism Furnishing Master Gold Khenarthi's Roost
Hecatomb Tassets Bloodlord's Embrace Part Master Gold Khenarthi's Roost
Ancestral High Elf Gloves Motif Simple Green Malabal Tor
Antique Map of Malabal Tor Furnishing Simple Green Malabal Tor
Spinner's Singing Bone Treasure Simple Green Malabal Tor
Jeweled Ayleid Scabbard Treasure Intermediate Blue Malabal Tor
Ancestral High Elf Swords Motif Advanced Purple Malabal Tor
Hollowbone Wind Chimes Furnishing Advanced Purple Malabal Tor
Silvenar's Scepter Treasure Advanced Purple Malabal Tor
Silvenari Sap-Stone Furnishing Advanced Purple Malabal Tor
Face of the Wild Beast Ring of the Wild Hunt Part Master Gold Malabal Tor
Antique Map of Murkmire Furnishing Simple Green Murkmire
Naga Skull-Trap Treasure Simple Green Murkmire
Stone-Chief's Xul-Vaat Treasure Intermediate Blue Murkmire
Nisswo's Soul Tender Furnishing Advanced Purple Murkmire
Vakka Bok Sun Bowl Furnishing Advanced Purple Murkmire
Charm of the Shapeless Ring of the Wild Hunt Part Master Gold Murkmire
Antique Map of Northern Elsweyr Furnishing Simple Green Northern Elsweyr
Faded Khajiit Claw Treasure Simple Green Northern Elsweyr
Khajiit Plague Mask Treasure Intermediate Blue Northern Elsweyr
Khajiit Prayer Cloth Treasure Advanced Purple Northern Elsweyr
Moth Priest's Cleansing Bowl Furnishing Advanced Purple Northern Elsweyr
Stained Glass of the Lunar Phases Furnishing Ultimate Gold Northern Elsweyr
Ancestral High Elf Legs Motif Simple Green Reaper's March
Antique Map of Reaper's March Furnishing Simple Green Reaper's March
Two Moons Censer Treasure Simple Green Reaper's March
Hunt-Lord's Djerid Treasure Intermediate Blue Reaper's March
Ancestral High Elf Shields Motif Advanced Purple Reaper's March
Mane's Frayed Crown Treasure Advanced Purple Reaper's March
Shocklancer Construction Crate Container Advanced Purple Reaper's March
Malacath's Brutal Ritual Dust Malacath's Band of Brutality Part Master Gold Reaper's March
Moonlight Mirror Furnishing Ultimate Gold Reaper's March
Sorcerer-King' Blade Furnishing Master Gold Reaper's March
Ancestral Orc Daggers Motif Simple Green Rivenspire
Antique Map of Rivenspire Furnishing Simple Green Rivenspire
House Tamrith Official Seal Treasure Simple Green Rivenspire
Ancestral Orc Shoulders Motif Intermediate Blue Rivenspire
Northpoint Founding Coin Treasure Intermediate Blue Rivenspire
Riven King's Throne Furnishing Advanced Purple Rivenspire
Spire of Erokii Frieze Treasure Advanced Purple Rivenspire
Remnant of the False Tower Furnishing Master Gold Rivenspire
Thirsting Girdle Bloodlord's Embrace Part Master Gold Rivenspire
Ancestral Nord Daggers Motif Simple Green Shadowfen
Antique Map of Shadowfen Furnishing Simple Green Shadowfen
Child's Ragged Tree Doll Treasure Simple Green Shadowfen
Ancestral Nord Shoulders Motif Intermediate Blue Shadowfen
Silver Wish Medaillon Treasure Intermediate Blue Shadowfen
Onyx Shadowscale Scroll Case Treasure Advanced Purple Shadowfen
Fanged Cuirass Bloodlord's Embrace Part Master Gold Shadowfen
Nest of Shadows Furnishing Master Gold Shadowfen
Antique Map of the Gold Coast Furnishing Simple Green Southern Elsweyr
Spiked Scalebreaker Bolt Treasure Simple Green Southern Elsweyr
Meteoric-Iron Pravise Treasure Intermediate Blue Southern Elsweyr
Ancient Dragonguard Lure Treasure Advanced Purple Southern Elsweyr
Moons-Blessed Ceremonial Pool Furnishing Ultimate Gold Southern Elsweyr
Shrine of Boethra Furnishing Ultimate Gold Southern Elsweyr
Ancestral Nord Bows Motif Simple Green Stonefalls
Antique Map of Stonefalls Furnishing Simple Green Stonefalls
Nedic Wineskin Treasure Simple Green Stonefalls
Bronzed War Horn Treasure Intermediate Blue Stonefalls
Dwarven Steam Conduit Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Intermediate Blue Stonefalls
Ancestral Nord Chests Motif Advanced Purple Stonefalls
Ashen Infernace Gate Furnishing Advanced Purple Stonefalls
Chimer Military Insignia Treasure Advanced Purple Stonefalls
Firelancer Construction Crate Container Advanced Purple Stonefalls
Torc Tonal Focus Torc of Tonal Constancy Part Master Gold Stonefalls
Ancestral Orc Boots Motif Simple Green Stormhaven
Antique Map of Stormhaven Furnishing Simple Green Stormhaven
Secession Stamp Block Treasure Simple Green Stormhaven
Ancestral Orc Maces Motif Intermediate Blue Stormhaven
Nedic Hex Totem Treasure Intermediate Blue Stormhaven
Direnni Palatial Art Treasure Advanced Purple Stormhaven
Dwarven Breastguard Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Advanced Purple Stormhaven
Noble Knight's Rest Furnishing Advanced Purple Stormhaven
Beacon of Tower Zero Furnishing Master Gold Stormhaven
Malacath's Brutal Ritual Oil Malacath's Band of Brutality Part Master Gold Stormhaven
Ancestral Orc Axes Motif Simple Green Stros M'kai
Hunding Sextant Treasure Simple Green Stros M'kai
Ancestral Orc Helmets Motif Intermediate Blue Stros M'kai
Goblin Steam Mill Treasure Intermediate Blue Stros M'kai
Worn Dwarven Gears Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Intermediate Blue Stros M'kai
Dwarven Puzzle Box Furnishing Advanced Purple Stros M'kai
Dwemer Astrological Charts Treasure Advanced Purple Stros M'kai
Bouyant Steel Thrassian Strangler Part Master Gold Stros M'kai
Dwemer Star Chart Furnishing Master Gold Stros M'kai
Antique Map of Summerset Furnishing Simple Green Summerset
Apraxic Decanter Treasure Simple Green Summerset
Jurisreeve's Eye Treasure Intermediate Blue Summerset
Lacquered Wooden Tone-Box Aldmeri Symphonia Part Intermediate Blue Summerset
Kinlord's Tree of Aldmeris Treasure Advanced Purple Summerset
Alinor Allemande Emote Master Gold Summerset
Nautilus Shell Guards Thrassian Stranglers Part Master Gold Summerset
Prismatic Sunbird Feather Furnishing Master Gold Summerset
Ancestral Nord Gloves Motif Simple Green The Rift
Antique Map of The Rift Furnishing Simple Green The Rift
Augur's Bones Treasure Simple Green The Rift
Akaviri Lord's Banner Treasure Intermediate Blue The Rift
Cracked Dwarven Gear Shafts Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Intermediate Blue The Rift
Ancestral Nord Swords Motif Advanced Purple The Rift
Ebony Fox Totem Furnishing Advanced Purple The Rift
Giant Chieftain's Crown Treasure Advanced Purple The Rift
Petrified Snow-Cedar Snow Treaders Part Master Gold The Rift
Rune-Carved Mammoth Skull Furnishing Master Gold The Rift
Antique Map of Vvardenfell Furnishing Simple Green Vvardenfell
Refitted Dwarven Rod Treasure Simple Green Vvardenfell
Massive Ash-herder Grapnel Treasure Intermediate Blue Vvardenfell
Bleeding Beetle Door Lock Treasure Advanced Purple Vvardenfell
Sixth House Ritual Table Furnishing Advanced Purple Vvardenfell
St. Nerevar, Moon-And-Star Furnishing Master Gold Vvardenfell
Nord Scrimshaw Pendant Treasure Simple Green Western Skyrim
Dwemer Body Marking Body Marking Intermediate Blue Western Skyrim
Dwemer Face Marking Head Marking Intermediate Blue Western Skyrim
Silvered Nord Drinking Horn Treasure Intermediate Blue Western Skyrim
Ysgramor's Chosen Body Marking Body Marking Intermediate Blue Western Skyrim
Ysgramor's Chosen Face Marking Head Marking Intermediate Blue Western Skyrim
Companion's Coronet Major Adornment Advanced Purple Western Skyrim
Dwemer Crown Major Adornment Advanced Purple Western Skyrim
Inclined Dwarven Paneling Ebon Dwarven Wolf Part Advanced Purple Western Skyrim
King's Belt Plate Treasure Advanced Purple Western Skyrim
Seat of the Snow Prince Furnishing Advanced Purple Western Skyrim
Al-Esh Ascension Coin Treasure Ultimate Gold Western Skyrim
Font of Auri-El Furnishing Master Gold Western Skyrim
Glacial Metal Rivets Snow Treaders Part Master Gold Western Skyrim
Antique Map of Wrothgar Furnishing Simple Green Wrothgar
Armless Stone Effigy Treasure Simple Green Wrothgar
Worn Orcish Cauldron Treasure Intermediate Blue Wrothgar
Orsinium Cracked Iron Bell Treasure Advanced Purple Wrothgar
Tusks of the Orc-Father Furnishing Advanced Purple Wrothgar
Anvil of Old Orsinium Furnishing Ultimate Gold Wrothgar
Malacath's Brutal Might Loop Malacath's Band of Brutality Part Master Gold Wrothgar




Mythic Items in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) are special unique Equipment added with the Greymoor Expansion. These items can only be obtained by completing Antiquity hunts, using your Scrying Skills and Excavation Skills.

How to get ESO Mythic Items

  • Mythic items are very powerful, resulting in a "one piece Set" effect, but players may only equip one mythic item at a time.
  • Some Mythic Items have negative effects that "balance" the positive effect they give
  • Players can find these items only if they purchase the Greymoor Expansion.


ESO Mythic Items List

Below is a complete list of all mythic items in ESO. It is expected that Zenimax will add more mythic items and further shake up player builds by introducing disrupting effects via these unique pieces. Each Mythic Item is split into five fragments. You can read more details on these items under the “New Item Sets” section.

Name Part Effect Set Bonus
Bloodlord's Embrace Heavy Chest

Adds 868 Max Stamina

Sturdy: Reduces the cost of Block by 4%.

(1 item) Dealing damage with a Bash attack places a persistent, un-cleansable Blood Curse on an enemy. You can only have one Blood Cursed enemy at a time and dealing additional Bash damage moves the Blood Curse. Blocking an attack from a Blood Cursed enemy restores 1535 Magicka to you. This effect can occur every 1 second.
Thrassian Stranglers Light Hands

Adds 351 Max Magicka

Divines: Increases Mundus Stone effects by 9.1%.

(1 item) Killing an enemy grants you a stack of Sload's Call for 1 hour, up to a maximum of 50 stacks. Each stack increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 23, reduce your maximum health by 120, and reduces the effectiveness of your damage shields by 1%.

Removing Thrassian Stranglers, crouching, or going invisible removes all stacks of Sload's Call.

Snow Treaders Medium Feet

Adds 351 Max Stamina

Divines: Increases Mundus Stone effects by 9.1%.

(1 item) You are immune to Snares and Immobilizations that can be cleansed. While in combat, you cannot Sprint.
Ring of the Wild Hunt Ring

Adds 169 Stamina Recovery

Swift: Increases movement speed by 7%.

(1 item) Increases your movement speed by 15% while in combat. Increases your movement speed by 45% while out of combat.
Malacath's Band of Brutality Ring

Adds 169 Stamina Recovery

Bloodthirsty: Increases your Weapon and Spell Damage against enemies under 90% Health by up to 350.

(1 item) Increases your damage done by 25%. You cannot deal critical damage.
Torc of Tonal Constancy Necklace

Adds 169 Stamina Recovery

Triune: Increases Max Magicka by 439Max Stamina by 439, and Maximum Health by 482.

(1 item) While your Stamina is less than 50%, increases your Magicka Recovery by 450. While your Magicka is less than 50%, increases your Stamina Recovery by 450.
Ring of the Pale Order Ring

Adds 169 Stamina Recovery

Bloodthirsty: Increases your Weapon and Spell Damage against enemies under 90% Health by up to 350.

(1 item) Restore 18% of the damage you deal as Health, up to a maximum of 2750 Health per attack. You cannot be healed by anyone but yourself.
Pearls of Ehlnofey Necklace

Adds 169 Stamina Recovery

Arcane: Increases Maximum Magicka by 877.

(1 item) Whenever you cast a healing ability while in combat and your dominant resource is under 30%, gain 5 Ultimate.


Antiquity Skills


Scrying Skills in Elder Scrolls Online are part of a special Skill Line that is focused on finding Antiquities across the Tamriel. This Skill Line was added in Greymoor Expansion


Name & Image Skill Type Rank Description Unlock


Passive Rank I

Adds the selected contiguous group of facets to your area of control.

Consumes 1 turn.

Rank 1

Antiquarian Insight

Passive Rank I Allows you to scry for antiquities of up to Simple difficulty. Rank 1 
Rank II Allows you to scry for antiquities of up to Intermediate difficulty. Rank 3
Rank III Allows you to scry for antiquities of up to Advanced difficulty. Rank 5
Rank IV Allows you to scry for antiquities of up to Master difficulty. Rank 7
Rank V Allows you to scry for antiquities of up to Ultimate difficulty. Rank 10

Scrier's Patience

Passive Rank I Grants you an additional turn of Scrying. Rank 2
Rank II Grants you two additional turns of Scrying. Rank 5


Passive Rank I

Unites a hexagonal cluster of facets in the Antiquarian's Eye, converting the symbols in those cells to match the central cell.

Consumes 1 Magicka Charge.

Rank 2
Rank II

Unites a hexagonal cluster of facets in the Antiquarian's Eye, converting the symbols in those cells to match the central cell.

New Effect: The ability's range increases by one facet, creating a snowflake-like pattern.

Consumes 1 Magicka Charge.

Rank 6

Future Focus

Passive Rank I Grants you an additional Magicka Charge for use in Augury. Rank 4
Rank II Grants you two additional Magicka Charges for use in Augury. Rank 8


Passive Rank I

Claim all facets of the selected type that touch your area of control, as well as matching facets directly adjacent.

Consumes 1 Magicka Charge.

Rank 4
Rank II

Claim all facets of the selected type that touch your area of control, as well as matching facets directly adjacent.

New Effect: Dilation now claims All contiguous facets of the same type.

Consumes 1 Magicka Charge.

Rank 8


Passive Rank I

Claim a line of facets, stretching out from your area of control.

Consumes 1 Magicka Charge.

Rank 6
Rank II

Claim a line of facets, stretching out from your area of control.

New Effect: Range increased from 4 facets to 6.

Consumes 1 Magicka Charge.

Rank 9

Preemptive Power

Passive Rank I Start each Scrying attempt with an additional row of facets already claimed. Rank 9



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      Except you must unlock Evevea by getting Shalidors books by the quests in each area mages guilds, starting Auridon or Glenumbra or Stonefalls to unlock the portal to 'win back Eveyvea' for Shaidor. Buying mages skill line not unlock Evevea.

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