Valkyn Skoria Set is one of the Monster Helm Sets in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). This Set is part of One Tamriel, and has 2 bonuses.

Lgt/Med/Hvy - Valkyn Skoria

Bind on Pick-Up 

Valkyn Skoria


(1 item) Adds 1487 Spell Penetration
(2 items) When you deal damage with a damage over time effect, you have an 8% chance to summon a meteor that deals 5348 Flame Damage to target and 1650 Flame Damage all other enemies within 5 meters. This effect can occur once every 5 seconds and scales off the higher of your Weapon or Spell Damage.




Valkyn Skoria Set Information

  • Type of Set: Monster Helm
  • Required Content: One Tamriel
  • Recommend For: Mag DPS/Mag Tank
  • Value: High
  • Difficulty to Acquire: Medium



How to get Valkyn Skoria set


  • Veteran City of Ash II
  • Monster masks will drop 100% of the time from the final boss in Veteran mode.
  • Shoulders have a chance to drop from Gilirion the Redbeard's chest using a Pledge Key.


Builds that use Valkyn Skoria



Valkyn Skoria Set Notes & Tips


  • A great set for Magicka DPS, particularly in PvP where you need burst damage.
  • Damage is affected by the Elemental Expert and Master-At-Arms champion stars.
  • The Traits of this Set can be Transmuted at any Transmutation Station for 50 Transmute Crystals, but you must have researched the desired Trait in order to do so..





Valkyn Skoria Set Pieces


Valkyn Skoria Helm.pngValkyn Skoria Shoulders.png



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    • 20 Apr 2018 23:04  

      is this stuff still true about this set? I have a mag sorc & mag dk that I just made my main, the sorc didn't prod Skoria all that much but my dk can off almost every skill I have slotted, and also has anymore else noticed a heavy attack with a flame staff alone can even proc Skoria? at first I thought i was wrong but I tested it using only heavy attacks n in fact it did send fireball down. Plus the awesome scream the sets makes is cool.has anyone ever ran Slimecraw with either bsw or silks, I kinda like it but can't figure out if the steady bonus is better than the damage from proccing skoria

      • Anonymous

        20 Mar 2018 16:20  

        Skoria is still the best proc set in my opinion (runner-up llambris; Gothdar). Relatively easy to farm, (with a good DPS group) and a good chance to find your trait through redbeard chests (depending on your RNG luck LOL). FYI- I just recently tried the Zaan set and quickly reequipped my Skoria, post comparison. After all those attempts to get a divines drop through the Chief bane-chest, I was disappointed with my trial (several vet dungeons, and some BG-PvP). I dont want to knock the Zaan too much though, its best for stationary bosses or primary set battles, but if you leave the 10 meter perimeter (which will happen a lot with DPS builds) it breaks connect. #longlivetheSkoria

        • Anonymous

          27 Nov 2017 03:17  

          If you are really lucky with random drop routines, you will never get the item no matter how long you try.

          • Anonymous

            05 Nov 2017 15:35  

            Someone who wants to do Redbeards pledge? So i can get the shoulder? I know, pledge is out of date but havent played in a while...grtz

            • Anonymous

              26 Jun 2017 11:26  

              I have been farming the pledge keys for a wile and one of the quests require a dlc dungeon I don't own, but I still wanna earn keys... anyone know how I can skip this quest and maybe get a quest that requires a dungeon I have?

              • Anonymous

                12 May 2017 13:21  

                These stats are out of date now, i have the set and (rounded) it does 17k+ damage.

                Though i do appreciate the efforts these guys go to for easy research it could do with some updating.

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