Pirate Skeleton Set is one of the Monster Helm Sets in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). This Set is part of One Tamriel, and has 2 bonuses.

Lgt/Med/Hvy - Pirate Skeleton

Bind on Pick-Up 

Pirate Skeleton
set line

LEVEL 50  champion CHAMPION 160

(1 items) Adds 1487 Armor
(2 items) When you take damage, you transform into a skeleton and gain Major Protection and Minor Defile for 15 seconds, reducing your damage taken by 10% but reducing your Healing Received by 8%. This effect can occur once every 20 seconds.




Pirate Skeleton Set Guide

  • Type of Set: Monster Helm
  • Required Content: One Tamriel
  • Recommend For: Tank
  • Value: Low
  • Difficulty to Acquire: Easy
  • Transmute crystal cost:



How to Get Pirate Skeleton Set

  • Pirate Skeleton Set drop in Veteran Blackheart Haven
  • Monster Masks will drop 100% of the time from the final boss in Veteran mode.
  • Shoulders have a chance to drop from Glirion the Redbeard's Chest using Pledge Key.



Pirate Skeleton Set Notes & Tips

  • The Traits of this Set can be Transmuted at any Transmutation Station for 50 Transmute Crystals, but you must have researched the desired Trait in order to do so..
  • Once the set piece is in your Collections, you can create an account-bound piece of the set using Transmute Crystals.




Pirate Skeleton Set Pieces

pirate skeleton headpirate skeleton shoulders



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    • Anonymous

      Well deserved nerf. 30% damage reduction from a 2 piece set without any drawbacks was overpowered as hell. If you want to facetank in PvP, build a proper tank char that sacrifices a lot of damage...

      • Anonymous

        Far as I know Major Defile is -30% healing received not -15% which sucks! Which ends everyone have this super awesome and amazing monster set! Thanks a lot for ending the most fun cool monster set in history morons!!

        • Anonymous

          They are soooo nerfing the HELL out of this great set in the next DLC!! Stupid ZOS die in a fire! And also the community can die in a fire too considering they "Supposedly" asked to nerf it to become UNUSABLE!!! Now it will read like this.... (1 items) Adds 2975 Physical Resistance (1 items) Adds 2975 Spell Resistance (2 items) When you take damage, you have a 6% chance to transform into a skeleton and gain Major Protection and MAJOR Defile for 10 seconds, reducing your damage taken by 30% but reducing your Healing Received by 15%. This effect can occur once every 20 seconds. All because of the worthless cry babies on the forums destroying the game over and over again! STOP LISTENING TO THESE IDIOTS ZOS!! It is prolly people from other games who want to destroy this game.

          • Anonymous

            With this set there are times when I can't bar swap after transformation. Doesn't seem to happen with other sets, and sometimes it's REALLY stuck - run off by myself and hit the "~" key. Almost have to die for it to start working again...

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