Elder Scrolls Online changed into "One Tamriel" mode in October 2016. The update was announced during Bethesda's E3 showcase in Los Angeles in June 2016.  


What is One Tamriel?

Much like Tamriel Unlimited, One Tamriel is the name given to a special update that makes significant changes to the core of the game. In this case, the entire world of Tamriel will be open to be played by any character, without level or allegiance restrictions.

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What changes with One Tamriel?

  • Characters will be Battle Leveled to all zones - same as it happens currently for the DLC.
  • No more PvE alliance restrictions: go to any zone you wish
  • No more PvE leveling restrictions: go to any zone you wish (Except Coldharbour, as you will need to have completed the main quest)
  • No more PvE grouping leveling restrictions: You can quest with low level friends without rolling an alt. (Trials and veteran dungeons still require high level)
  • No More Cadwell's Silver and Cadwell's Gold: Do them in any order you wish.
  • Weapon Skills now have ultimates
  • All Group Dungeons now have veteran versions, Veteran Challenge Pledges will grant 2 Gold Keys, and all Veteran Pledges will grant 1 Gold Key
  • There are 16 new Monster Helm Sets
  • There are 20+ new dropped sets.
  • Craglorn Re-Design — You can now solo in this group-friendly environment.
  • Dungeon updates — Normal and Veteran Modes have been added.
  • Dueling — Challenge your friends or foes and test your mettle in one-on-one combat.
  • New Weapon Ultimates — Master your weapon of choice and get new Ultimate abilities.
  • Undaunted Pledge System Updates — New daily pledges and valuable rewards.
  • Itemization updates — Items will now scale to your level everywhere in the world.


What doesn't change with One Tamriel?

  • Coldharbor can be traveled to at any level, but the main quest locked portions continu to be accessible only after completing the Main Quest
  • PvP is still locked by alliance
  • Trials and Veteran Dungeons will continue to require Veteran/Champion levels

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