Ancient Remains


Elden Hollow I


Light Speaker's Last Gift
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold

Ancient Remains is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

A tribe of Wood Orcs is protecting Canonreeve Oraneth in Elden Hollow. Bakkhara, a member of the Mages Guild, wants to stop them, but can't attack the Orcs directly due to their association with Canonreeve Oraneth, who is a member of the Thalmor.



  • Bakkhara



  • Clear a path to the first altar.
  • Wait for Bakkhara and the mages.
  • Clear a path to the second altar.
  • Wait for the mages.
  • Defeat Canonreeve Oraneth.
  • Wait for the mages.
  • Talk to Bakkhara.
  • Use the portal.
  • Talk to Speaks-With-Lights.




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