Magma Incarnate Set is one of the Monster Helms in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). This Set is part of Waking Flame DLC, and has 3 bonuses.

Monster Helm - Crimson Oath Style

Bind on Pick-Up

Magma Incarnate
set line

LEVEL 50  champion CHAMPION 160

(1 item) Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
(1 item) Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
(2 items) When you overheal yourself or a group member with a single target heal ability, grant the lowest Health group member within 28 meters Minor Courage and Minor Resolve, increasing their Weapon and Spell Damage by 215 and Armor by 2974 for 10 seconds. Daedric energy will then bounce to a nearby group member within 8 meters, up to 3 times, applying Minor Courage and Minor Resolve for 10 seconds. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds.




Magma Incarnate Set Guide



How to Get Magma Incarnate Set

  • Magma Incarnate Set can be acquired in The Dread Cellar
  • The head drops from Magma Incarnate in Veteran The Dread Cellar.
  • The shoulders can be obtained from Urgarlag Chief-bane's reward chest at Undaunted Enclaves.



Magma Incarnate Set Notes & Tips



Magma Incarnate Set Pieces

head magma incarnate eso wiki guideshoulders magma incarnate eso wiki guide


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