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Faction Neutral
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High Isle is a Location in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). High Isle is the largest island of the Systres archepelago. It was added with High Isle Chapter and is accessible to all characters of all levels and Factions.

Players gain access to High Isle (after downloading the DLC) by visiting their faction's beginning city (Daggerfall for DC) and accepting the quest from Orsinium's Ambassador. All enemies, and resource nodes are Battle Leveled.

You can reach Amenos via a small boat at southwest Gonfalon Bay, or Dufort Shipyards.

High Isle has the following Overland Sets: High Isle Sets

Please see Tales of Tribute page for newly added card game system, including patrons, cards and card upgrade clues!



High Isle Maps

High Isle Set Crafting Stations

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High Isle Volcanic Vents

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High Isle Companions

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Druidic Provisioning Station

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High Isle Skyshards

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High Isle Dungeons

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Card Upgrade Clues

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Knight Commander Clue (High Isle, near a ladder on roadside.)


High Isle Quests

Quest Name
Of Knights and Knaves Lady Arabelle Davaux or Jakarn Quentyn's Cleaver
Leveled Gold
People of Import Lady Arabelle Davaux or Jakarn Islander Boots
Leveled Gold
Deadly Investigations Lady Arabelle Davaux or Jakarn Islander's Shawl
Leveled Gold
Escape from Amenos Lady Arabelle Davaux or Jakarn Deesh-Jee's Hunting Bow
Leveled Gold
To Catch a Magus Lady Arabelle Davaux Ascendant Helm
Leveled Gold
The Ascendant Storm Lady Arabelle Davaux or Jakarn Inferno Staff of the Ascendant Magus
Leveled Gold
A Chance for Peace Lady Arabelle Davaux or Jakarn Honor of the Steadfast
Leveled Gold
Aiding the Archipelago A notice in Gonfalon Bay Leveled Gold
The All Flags Curse Stibbons Ring of the Ancient Mariner
Leveled Gold
Balki's Map Fragment Balki's Instructions Map-Hunter's Leggings
Leveled Gold
Blood, Books, and Steel Squire Rayan Lich-Crusher Maul
Leveled Gold
Buried at the Bay llyes Maul Maul's Ancestral Edge
Leveled Gold
Cold Blood, Old Pain Ember Letter From Ember
Counterfeit Pardon Edict
5 Lockpick
Leveled Gold
Cold Trail Ember Hidden Wallet
Leveled Gold
Coral Conundrum Sergeant Brusic Coral-Smasher
Leveled Gold
The Corrupted Grove Druid Audrine Grove-Keeper's Greaves
Leveled Gold
An Experiment with Peace Mender Senna or Armin Demalle Steadfast Healer's Gloves
Leveled Gold
A Father's Pride Meryline Barthel Ring of Resonance
Leveled Gold
Ferone's Map Fragment Ferone's Instructions Map-Hunter's Forest Boots
Leveled Gold
Green with Envy Ember Leveled Gold
In Secret and Shadow Hannah Izard or Sir Nathain Galien Valorous Pauldrons
Leveled Gold
The Intoxicating Mix Genalda Ervine Genalda's Clever Concoctions
Leveled Gold
The Large Delegate Rigurt the Brash Large Delegate's Chain
Leveled Gold
The Long Game (High Isle) Marcelle Dantaine or To Marcelle Valentyn's Chisel
Leveled Gold
The Long Way Home Captain Eshmadin Eshmadin's Thanks
Leveled Gold
The Lost Symbol Isobel Veloise Supply Pack
Leveled Gold
The Missing Prowler Captain Jimila Skulltooth Jacket
Leveled Gold
A Mother's Request Isobel Veloise Letter From Isobel
3 Grand Repair Kit
Leveled Gold
The Princess Detective Isobel Veloise Leveled Gold
Pursuit of Freedom Lendanor or Louna Jolvanne Seabeast's Ribcage
Leveled Gold
Race for Honor Cynric Ginise Cynric's Heavy Shield
Leveled Gold
Rhadh's Map Fragment The note next to Rhadh's body Map-Hunter's Curved Blade
Leveled Gold
Scalding Scavengers Vinilsare Vulk'esh Stomper Sabatons
Leveled Gold
A Sheep in Need Moric Guidroz Shepherd's Blade
Leveled Gold
Spies in the Shallows Titus Stolo Serpent's Tongue
Leveled Gold
Tournament of the Heart Lord Remard DeFulley; Isobel Veloise Leveled Gold
Tower Full of Trouble Ember or Ladlow Menant Leveled Gold
Wisdom of the Druids Druid Jend Fire-Quencher's Staff
Leveled Gold 
Tales of Tribute (Quest) Sorinne Gaerard, Brahgas, Seeking New Members! Leveled Gold
A New Venture Master Razhamad Tales of Tribute Banner
Leveled Gold
The Tournament Begins Sorinne Gaerard, Master Razhamad Leveled Gold
Challenges of the Past Brahgas, Master Razhamad Jerall Rescue Dog
Leveled Gold
The Final Round Gelekh, Master Razhamad Leveled Gold
All Hands on Deck Lofte Empyrean Leveled Gold
Reavers of the Reef Admiral Galvendier Leveled Gold


High Isle Daily Quests

Quest Name Obtained Rewards
Arcane Research Wayllod High Isle Reward Coffer
Leveled Gold
Druidic Research Wayllod  High Isle Reward Coffer
Leveled Gold 
A Final Peace Wayllod  High Isle Reward Coffer
Leveled Gold 
Pirate Problems Wayllod  High Isle Reward Coffer
Leveled Gold 
Prison Problems Wayllod  High Isle Reward Coffer
Leveled Gold 
Seek and Destroy Wayllod  High Isle Reward Coffer
Leveled Gold 
Ascendant Shadows Parisse Plouff High Isle Reward Coffer
Leveled Gold
Avarice of the Eldertide  Parisse Plouff  High Isle Reward Coffer
Leveled Gold
The Sable Knight  Parisse Plouff  High Isle Reward Coffer
Leveled Gold
The Serpent Caller  Parisse Plouff  High Isle Reward Coffer
Leveled Gold
A Special Reagent  Parisse Plouff  High Isle Reward Coffer
Leveled Gold
Wildhorn's Wrath  Parisse Plouff  High Isle Reward Coffer
Leveled Gold
Venting the Threat Druid Peeska High Isle Reward Coffer
Leveled Gold
Cards Across the Continent Kishka the Broker High Isle Reward Coffer
Leveled Gold
Dueling Tributes Marunji the Broker High Isle Reward Coffer
Leveled Gold



All High Isle Locales & High Isle Trivia:

Cities, Settlements & Farms

  • Gonfalon Bay

Caves, Mines, Ruins & Crypts

  • Amenos Extraction Point
  • Druid Circle
  • Loch Abhain
  • Loch Navire
  • Mistmouth Cave
  • Navire Dungeons
  • The Slithermist
  • Systres Sisters Vault
  • Tarnished Grotto
  • Wizard's Grotto

Delves, Public Delves, Dungeons & Arenas

  • Ghost Haven Bay
  • Spire of the Crimson Coin
  • Breakwater Cave
  • Coral Cliffs
  • Death's Valor Keep
  • The Firepot
  • Shipwreck Shoals
  • Whalefall

World Elites, World Bosses

  • Amenos Basin
  • Dark Stone Hollow
  • Faun Falls
  • Mornard Falls
  • Serpent Bog
  • Y'ffre's Cauldron

Points of Interest

  • All Flags Islet
  • Amenos Station
  • Brokerock Mine
  • Castle Navire
  • Colossus View Lighthouse
  • Garick's Rest
  • Gonfalon Bay
  • Skulltooth Coast
  • Steadfast Manor
  • Stonelore Grove
  • Tor Draioch
  • Abhain Chapel
  • Druid's Gate
  • Dufort Shipyards
  • Gonfalon Head Lighthouse
  • Jheury's Cove
  • Port Navire


  • All Flags Wayshrine
  • Amenos Station Wayshrine
  • Brokerock Wayshrine
  • Castle Navire Wayshrine
  • Coral Road Wayshrine
  • Dufort Shipyards Wayshrine
  • Flooded Coast Wayshrine
  • Garick's Rest Wayshrine
  • Gonfalon Square Wayshrine
  • Serpents Hollow Wayshrine
  • Steadfast Manor Wayshrine
  • Stonelore Grove Wayshrine
  • Tor Draioch Wayshrine
  • Trappers Peak Wayshrine
  • Westbay Wayshrine


High Isle Galley


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