In the Tales of Tribute card game in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online), you need to upgrade certain cards with card clues. Tales of Tribute launched with the High Isle Chapter and is one of the main features of the update.

Card Clues drop from Tribute reward boxes, you can get clues even if you don't have certain patrons. Once you have a clue in your inventory, you can find all the locations of the clues  by checking the Tales of Tribute overview page.

Card Upgrade Clues


anseis victory clue eso wiki guide

Ansei's Victory Clue (Alik'r Desert, West of HoonDing's Watch.)

blackfeather knave clue eso wiki guide

Blackfeather Knave Clue (Stonefalls, Crow's Wood. In the ruined building.)

blood sacrifice clue eso wiki guide

Blood Sacrifice Clue (The Rift, near the tents.)


ceporahs insight clue eso wiki guide

Ceporah's Insight Clue (Coldharbour, The Wailing Maw)

grand larceny clue eso wiki guide

Grand Larceny Clue (Grahtwood, in a tunnel of ice.)

grand oratory clue eso wiki guide

Grand Oratory Clue (Stros M'Kai, near Pillar of the Sing Sun.)


hagraven matron clue eso wiki guide

Hagraven Matron Clue (Wrothgar, under an old tree.)

hlaalu councilor clue eso wiki guide

Hlaalu Councilor Clue (Deshaan, upon a ledge.)

house embassy clue eso wiki guide

House Embassy Clue (Vvardenfell, Balmora)


knight commander clue eso wiki guide

Knight Commander Clue (High Isle, near a ladder on roadside.)

knights of saint pelin clue eso wiki guide

Knights of Saint Pelin Clue (Bangkorai, under blue flame brazier.)

legions arrival clue eso wiki guide

Legion's Arrival Clue (Bangkorai)


murder of crows clue eso wiki guide 

Murder of Crows Clue (Glenumbra, near the fallen tree.)

psijic relicmaster clue eso wiki guide

Psijic Relicmaster Clue (Auridon, Wansalen)

rings guile clue eso wiki guide

Ring's Guile Clue (Reaper's March, under a brazier.)


serpentguard rider clue eso wiki guide

Serpentguard Rider Clue (Greenshade, under a tree.)

summerset sacking clue eso wiki guide

Summerset Sacking Clue (Auridon, under stone arch.)

druid king vestments clue eso wiki guide

Druid King Vestments Clue (Galen)


wispheart totem clue eso wiki guide

Wispheart Totem Clue (Rivenspire, at Agea Relle's door)







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    • Anonymous

      The clues state that they are "(Already) in your library". Where are they, really? My friend deleted his clue because of that msg, and now he can't get the card, apparently. It's not in any of his libraries, though he doesn't have an Eidetic Memory yet.

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