Deadly Investigations


High Isle


Islander's Shawl
Leveled Gold

Deadly Investigations is a Quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is part of the High Isle Chapter.


Quest Information

We found a map at Castle Navire that shows several possible meeting sites used by the Ascendant Order. Lady Arabelle believes investigating these sites is our best chance to track down the missing alliance leaders.



Investigate three sites associated with Ascendant Order activity.


  • Lady Arabelle Davaux or Jakarn



  • Investigate Ascendant Order Sites
  • Talk to Lady Arabelle
  • Enter Shipwreck Shoals
  • Find Captain Tsuzo
  • Talk to Captain Tsuzo
  • Search the Wreckage
  • Talk to the Boatswain Islinne
  • Return to Mandrake Manor
  • Talk to Lady Arabelle



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