Tournament of the Heart


High Isle


Leveled Gold

Tournament of the Heart is a Quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is part of the High Isle Chapter.


Quest Information

Knight Commander Jourvel has promised the hand of her daughter Aurelia in marriage. Isobel Veloise, a Knight Aspirant in the Sapphire Tourney, has sworn to free Aurelia from her mother's promise.



Help Isobel Veloise win the Sapphire Tourney to save her friend from an unwanted marriage.


  • Lord Remard DeFulley; Isobel Veloise



  1. Talk to Isobel Veloise at Castle Navire.
  2. Complete the trials for the three Knightly Orders (in any order):
    1. Collect the Oldwood Staff for the Oaken Order trial.
    2. Collect the Gilded Lute for the Order of the Albatross trial.
    3. Collect the hilt of Redheart for the Order of the Iron Knot trial.
  3. Present the three trial trophies at the Sapphire Tourney ceremony.
  4. Talk to Knight Commander Jourvel in her office.
  5. Talk to Isobel.



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