High Isle Chapter

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Release Dates PC/Mac: June 6, 2022
Consoles: June 21, 2022
Cost Chapter Upgrade - $39.99
Chapter CE Upgrade - $49.99
Collection: High Isle - $59.99
Collection: High Isle CE - $79.99
Locations Added High Isle
Trials Added Dreadsail Reef
Companions Ember & Isobel
World Events Volcanic Vents
Sets Added High Isle Sets
Delves Added TBC

High Isle Chapter is a DLC(Downloadable Content) Chapter for The Elder Scrolls OnlineHigh Isle Chapter adds the brand new High Isle and Amenos zones, never-before-seen in The Elder Scrolls universe. It is part of the year-long Legacy of the Bretons storyline and will launch in June 2022.


High Isle Chapter Information

The High Isle Chapter is a major content update that continues the Legacy of the Bretons storyline which kicked off with the Ascending Tide. The High Isle Chapter adds dozens of hours of story content and introduces a host of new quests, characters, equipment, challenges and features as players explore a lush, new environment beset by political intrigue and conspiracy.

ESO High Isle Expansion Chapter Preview

Read our ESO High Isle Preview here.




High Isle: Legacy of the Bretons

Set out on a brand-new Elder Scrolls adventure and discover an epic story told across three DLCs and the High Isle Chapter.


The Systres Archipelago

This year's story takes place in the previously unexplored region of The Systres Archipelago. Located in the Abecean Sea near Hammerfell and Summerset Isle, this three-island paradise draws inspiration from the beautiful, windswept shores of the Mediterranean; tall mountains, coastal wetlands and sandy beaches feature prominently. As the largest island in the archipelago, High Isle serves as the central point for political dealings and is host to a summit being held to negotiate peace talks that would put an end to the ongoing Three Banners War.

High Isle is also home to the Bretons, the magically-attuned descendants of humans and elves. Breton society is a feudalistic group steeped in medieval culture and principles which is evident in their architecture, complete with magnificent castles and exciting tournament grounds.


A Shadow Conspiracy

The storyline in High Isle sees players uncovering a plot conceived by The Ascendant Order, a secret order of knights with chaotic motives, threatening to disrupt the peace summit and condemning Tamriel to endless conflict. The group is led by a mysterious knight known only as the Ascendant Lord.



ESO High Isle New Trial: Dreadsail Reef

dreadsail reef preview trials eso wiki guide

Gather your strongest allies for a new 12-person Trial and strike back against the Dreadsail pirates within their dangerous island hideaway.

ESO High Isle New Companions: Ember & Isobel

ember isobel companions eso wiki guide

Recruit two brave new companions—Ember the Khajiit sorcerer and Isobel Velois the Breton knight—to accompany you on your adventures in the Systres Archipelago and beyond.

A New Pastime: ESO Tales of Tribute

tales of tribute preview eso wiki guide

High Isle Chapter introduces an exciting new card game that can be played within the world of ESO. Complete with PVE and PVP settings, its own leveling and ranking systems, as well as unique rewards, Tales of Tribute will provide players a change of pace from the standard day-to-day activities as they master deck-building and complete new challenges.


New World Events: Volcanic Vents

volcanic vents events eso wiki guide

Help the local Stonelore druids investigate and shut down volatile volcanic fissures that have begun to plague the islands of the Systres.

New Rewards: Treasures of High Isle

treasures of high isle preview eso wiki guide

Reclaim the lost treasures of the Breton people and earn unique new item sets, collectibles, and Achievements found only within the High Isle Chapter.


High Isle Chapter Base Game Patch Features & Content

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High Isle Chapter DLC Gallery

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      High isle is a map that's like 1/1000th the area of Sumurset, how in the hell are they charging $40-$60 for something that is literally the size of Rhode Island

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        It'll be curious to see how big this new zone will be as its not on maps. Before the full reveal I thought it as going to be that island in the top right corner of Morrowind.

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