eso-dragon-priest-mask-dragon-bones-dlcDragon Bones is a DLC game pack for The Elder Scrolls Online. It launches on PC/Mac on 12th February 2018 and Consoles on February 17th 2018. Dragon Bones introduces two new dungeons (Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair) which are Norse-themed.

This DLC pack includes new items, monster masks and achievements. You’ll be able to buy Dragon Bones for 1,500 eso-crowns via the in-game Crown Store or access it as part of ESO Plus.

Entering either of the dungeons rewards the Renegade Dragon Priest Mask.



Elder Scrolls Online: Dragon Bones Information


Dragon Bones Content

The new DLC pack features New Sets and the following 2 new Dungeons for players to take on:

Scalecaller Peak


"In Scalecaller Peak, the burial site of a long-dead Dragon Priest is now overrun with diseased cultists harboring an evil agenda: to unleash the deadliest plague Tamriel has ever known. You and your team must journey to Scalecaller Peak, battle your way through the cultists and their followers, and put an end to this threat"

Fang Lair


"Deep within the belly of Fang Lair, an ancient Dwarven ruin, a master of necromancy works a dark ritual in an effort to reanimate the bones of a once-living dragon. It’s up to you and your companions to enter the dungeon, face the necromancers, and stop the ritual before this undead monstrosity can be unleashed on Tamriel"


Dragon Bones Base Game Patch

As often is the case, the DLC releases in conjunction with a base game patch called "Update 17" which is a major and free update to the overall game. You can read a full breakdown of Dragon Bones Game Patch when it launches

The Dragon Bones Update includes

Update 17 will be available to all ESO players (though only Morrowind owners will have access to the Battlegrounds content), even if they don’t pick up Dragon Bones.



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