Scribes of Fate

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Release Dates PC/Mac: March 13, 2023
Consoles: March 28, 2023
Cost 1,500 Crowns (Free with ESO Plus) 
Dungeons Added Scrivener's Hall
Bal Sunnar
Sets Added Scribes of Fate Sets

Scribes of Fate is a DLC (Downloadable Content) Pack for The Elder Scrolls Online. It is expected to launch on March 13th, 2023 for PC and Mac, and on March 28th, 2023 for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation5. This Dungeon DLC pack marks the beginning of the Shadows over Morrowind Storyline explored further in the Necrom Chapter DLC expected to release in June 2023.



What is the Scribes of Fate DLC?

Scribes of Fate is an uncoming Dungeon DLC that leads players into the Shadow Over Morrowind storyline. Discover the forbidden secrets of Apocrypha and fight to preserve reality in Shadow Over Morrowind, a new Elder Scrolls Online adventure.

New Dungeons

  • Scrivener's Hall: A change in leadership twisted the Scribes of Mora from mild-mannered scholars to an order of violent zealots. Assist the exiled former leader of the scribes in infiltrating Scrivener’s Hall, locating a powerful Daedric artifact, and removing the dangerous Valinna before her leadership is fully recognized.
  • Bal Sunnar: The township of Bal Sunnar and its Telvanni masters have remained hidden in the mountains for centuries, but why does this mysterious location now emanate temporal magic? The Psijic Order needs your help to hunt down the source of this phenomenon through the past, present, and future!

New Item Sets - Scribes of Fate Sets

New Collectibles & Dyes

  • Emotes
    • “Sailor’s Sextant” can be obtained by completing the “Fate’s Secrets” achievement.
    • “Lost in the Woods” can be obtained by completing the “Scribes of Fate Scout” achievement.
  • Mementos
    • The “Iterative Onyx Glyphic” can be obtained by completing the “Scrivener’s Hall Conqueror” achievement.
    • The “Unstable Emerald Glyphic” can be obtained by completing the quest “Eye of Fate”.
  • Skin
    • “The Taskmaster’s Banner” can be obtained by completing the “Bal Sunnar Conqueror” achievement.
  • Dye
    • The Scrivener’s Ultramarine dye can be obtained by completing the “Scribes of Fate Delver” achievement.

New Furnishings
We’ve added new Bust and Trophy furnishings to commemorate victory in Bal Sunnar and Scrivener’s Hall. In addition, completing these dungeons on any difficulty unlocks purchase of two new achievement furnishings from Undaunted Quartermasters:

  • Dark Elf Archway, Stone
    • Originally designed for use in Mournhold to honor Almalexia, grand archways like this one stand in other locations as well. The one in Bal Sunnar purportedly served to remind the Telvanni Dark Elves of their reverence for Mother Morrowind.
  • Craglorn Podium, Filled
    • Though it currently holds a delicate scroll that the scholars of Scrivener's Hall studied, this wooden podium from Craglorn may serve you well for other forms of written knowledge.

New Achievements and Titles
This update introduces 49 new achievements and 6 new titles:

  • The title “Temporal Tempest” can be obtained by completing the eponymous achievement.
  • The title “Scourge of Sunnar” can be obtained by completing the “Telvanni Tormenter” achievement.
  • The title “Shadow Blessed” can be obtained by completing the “Bal Sunnar Champion” achievement.
  • The title “Curator’s Champion” can be obtained by completing the “Magnastylus in the Making” achievement.
  • The title “Weaver’s Bane” can be obtained by completing the “Inflammable” achievement.
  • The title “Scribe Savior” can be obtained by completing the “Scrivener’s Hall Champion” achievement.


Scribes of Fate Collector's Bundle will release alongside Scribes of Fate on March 13, 2023 (PC) / March 28, 2023 (Consoles). The collector's bundle includes The Scribes of Fate DLC, the Antecedent Scholar's Guar mount, the Blightlord's Skeever pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls, all for the cost of 3,500 Crowns.



Scribes of Fate Base Game Patch Features & Content

Daily/Weekly Reset Timer Updates

  • Many daily timers have been aligned to the same time as the Daily Login Reward (3am UTC for European servers and 10am UTC for North American servers), including:
    • Activity Finder’s First of the Day participations and wins
    • Daily Enlightenment Experience gains
    • Daily Quests and Endeavors
    • Daily Writs and Hireling mails
      • Note: The Crafting Hireling Rank 3 passives, which used to send 12 hours after the last one, will now send mail daily with double the materials.
    • A variety of other miscellaneous items including Riding Skill Training, Fence, Launder Limits, and Remains-Silent
  • Several weekly timers have been aligned to reset on Tuesdays at the same time as the daily resets, including:
    • Trial, Solo and Battleground Leaderboards
    • Weekly Quests and Black Sacraments
    • Event Tickets

New Rewards for the Worthy
Several new Rewards for the Worthy are now available to acquire: Snake in the Stars Set, Shell Splitter Set, Judgement of Akatosh Set

 Alliance Emblem Face Markings
New Alliance Emblem Face Markings can be acquired by completing the associated alliance PvP achievement.

Updates to Target Markers

  • Enemy players and summons can once again be marked in PvP areas.
  • Enemy players and summons reappearing from stealth must be targeted again before their mark returns above their head.
  • Target markers placed on enemy players now clear upon their character’s death.
  • You can now toggle target markers off on the compass in Settings > Interface > Compass Target Markers
  • You can also now adjust the size of target markers in Settings > Nameplates > Target Markers

New Furnishings

  • Faustina Curio now sells High Isle Mixed Furnisher’s Documents, which contain random furnishing plans from High Isle, similar to prior Mixed Furnisher’s Documents.
  • Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, has 7 new furnishing plans available for purchase:
    • Sketch: Resonance Crystal, Cerulean
    • Forumula: Druidic Throne, Y'ffre's Bloom
    • Blueprint: Druidic Oven, Stone
    • Pattern: Mage Tapestry, Aurbic Phoenix
    • Praxis: Stone, Lava-Etched
    • Diagram: Statue, Bronze Tentacle
    • Design: Druidic Bridge, Living
  • As usual, Rolis has also handed the prior set of furnishing plans over to his assistant, Faustina Curio. These can now be purchased at the reduced price of 100 writ vouchers:
    • Formula: Potted Trees, Stonelore Dogwood
    • Diagram: High Isle Beacon, Unlit
    • Pattern: High Isle Tapestry, Seaside Tourney
    • Praxis: High Isle Hearth, Tilework
    • Sketch: High Isle Hourglass, Gold
    • Design: Shark Jaw, Massive
    • Blueprint: High Isle Caravel, Miniature
  • Faustina has bundled up her previous set of furnishing plans into a new Deadlands Furnishing Folio, which can be purchased for 700 writ vouchers and contains the following plans:
    • Diagram: Deadlands Throne
    • Pattern: Deadlands Tapestry, Mehrunes Dagon
    • Blueprint: Alinor Easel, Carved
    • Praxis: Deadlands Puzzle Cube
    • Design: Blackwood Provisioning Station
    • Formula: Fargrave Water Globules, Static
    • Sketch: Fargrave Window, Grand Medallion

Housing Quality-Of-Life Improvements
We’ve made a number of improvements to polish and improve the overall housing experience. These include the following:

  • Added additional filters to the placement and retrieval tabs of the Housing Editor. You can now filter by:
    • Whether the placed item is coming from your Bank, Inventory, House Storage, or Collectibles
    • Whether the furnishing is bound or unbound
    • Which Furnishing Limit Type the furnishing falls under
  • While in combat with at least one training dummy, the Show Housing Panel keybind (default F5) now changes to Reset Training Dummies, which allows you to easily reset all training dummies you are in combat with.
  • The home’s current occupants are now listed in the Settings section of the Housing Editor. You can also kick occupants out of your home from this menu if they’ve overstayed their welcome.
  • The home’s occupants are notified when people enter or depart the home, via a message in the top right corner of the screen.
  • There is now an Interface option that allows you to hide the House Tracker when in a home, which is the UI element that tells you the name of the home and homeowner as well as the current population of the home.
  • While previewing a home, placing your target reticule over a furnishing will now outline the furnishing and display its name.
  • The Purchase Options dialog for a home now allows you to preview the full list of furnishings in the currently selected template (Furnished or Unfurnished.)

Screen Narration
We’ve added a new option in the Accessibility Settings panel for Screen Narration. Once you have enabled this setting, you can choose to have a male or female voice, set the speed of the narration, and the volume of the narrating voice. Note that you must have Accessibility Mode turned on in order to use this feature.

  • Most UI screens in ESO will be fully narrated and you should be able to move around between UI screens with screen narration support.
  • The narration supports all official languages and is computer generated in the language of the client. For example, if you are playing on the Spanish client, you will hear screen narration in Spanish.
  • While the UI navigation portions of most screens on the Accessibility menu are supported, there are some menu screens that will not be otherwise narrated at this time including Scrying, Excavating, Tales of Tribute, lockpicking, some elements of fishing and the Champion Point screen.
    • Additional menu screens will be integrated into narration over time.
    • The game’s startup and login flow are not currently narrated; you must log into the game first before narration will start.
    • Gameplay such as combat, in-world navigation, and interactable objects are not narrated. Response options when interacting with NPCs are also not narrated. To ensure screen narration does not conflict with voice acting, character dialogue is not included in screen narration.
    • While playing with a keyboard on PC, the game menu (defaults to Alt) is narrated but the System menu (defaults to Escape) is not intended to be narrated. These menus provide two alternative ways to engage with the same menu content.

Software Occlusion Culling (Beta)
Software Occlusion Culling is now available as an optional graphical optimization. Enabling this feature will prevent the game client from performing rendering calculations for objects that are completely hidden from view by other objects. Doing so can provide a performance boost at the cost of additional memory usage. You can test this feature by adding the following line to your UserSetting.txt file: SET SoftwareOcclusionCullingEnabled "1"


Scribes of Fate DLC Gallery

  • Images to be added


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