Battle Leveling is a state applied to all players under Champion Rank 160 with One Tamriel in Elder Scrolls Online. Players who are not yet at the level cap are automatically buffed so their attributes and equipment totals match those of the highest ranks. 

By doing this, players can enjoy challenging content wherever they may go, and pair up with other players who are not on the same level bracket. Battle-leveled characters are generally scaled to be Champion Rank 150.


Battle Level Effects:

  • Battle leveling is relative to your attribute point allocation. If you have increased Stamina, your buff will favor stamina.
  • Battle leveling is relative to the quality of your gear, so Legendary equipment scales more strongly than normal one.
  • Battle leveling affects soul gem revival level requirements, making all players revive with Grand Soul Gems.
  • Battle leveling affects consumables such as food and potions, but it does not take them to max level.
  • Battle leveled zones have gathering materials of both your crafting level, and the items you can use. There's a 50% chance of a level-appropriate node. So you can have your blacksmith maxed, and find orichalcum along with rubedite.


Battle Level Has No Effect on:

  • Battle leveling does not remove gear level requirements. So a level 10 character is not capable to equip Champion Level 160 gear.
  • Battle leveling does not unlock skills or provide skillpoints
  • Battle leveling does not unlock champion points or provide champion points



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    • Anonymous

      You gotta remember that several spices of furry animals gather together in a cave and groove with... yup you guessed it, a wood elf! What? Just sayin'!
      Now I got that off my chest ( or was it a lootbox?) I always wish that there was a charm or suchlike that disabled xp gain, like in LotRO. I mean I understand why there isn't but it would be nice to have a couple of characters under 50 for fast low lvl random dailies. Wishful thinking though.

      • Anonymous

        Actually when I started from level 1, it took me more time to kill a troll than it does now at champion rank 300+.

        • Anonymous

          Battle leveling punishes you for leveling up. (As far as I can tell.)
          Is there a way (toggle option, or armor trait opposite of training) to avoid leveling up so as to stay in Blackwater Blade?

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