The Lost Symbol


High Isle


Supply Pack
Leveled Gold

The Lost Symbol is a Quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is part of the High Isle Chapter.


Quest Information

A ring Isobel gave to her friend Aurelia many years ago has been stolen. The ring was a symbol of their relationship, once upon a time, but here and now the loss of the signet ring could mean trouble for Isobel's family.



Help Isobel recover a ring that is valuble to her family.


  • Isobel Veloise



  • Travel to Port Hunding and talk with Aurelia Jourvel.
  • Track Kiv Lindres and find out where he is heading.
  • Travel to Seyda Neen and look for clues.
  • Go to Wayrest and find Julles Laurdon.
  • Travel to Belkarth and find Engelreth Goldleaf.
  • Confront Kiv Landres and decide on his punishment.
  • Search for the Signet Ring at the location you were provided and talk to Isobel Veloise.
  • Go to the Veloise Townhouse in Gonfalon Bay.
  • Meet Isobel's parents and talk to Isobel.



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