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Druidic Provisioning Station is an Antiquity Furniture in The Elder Scrolls Online. Druidic Provisioning Station is an enormous Antiquity Furnishing that's available via the Antiquities system.

The furnishing is split into 10 fragments, found throughout the High Isle.


Druidic Provisioning Station Information

"This unusual cooking set consists of several druid-crafted elements, including various implements to help prepare all manner of foods. What will be your favorite dish to cook on this station?"


Where to find\Location

  • After completing this entry in the Antiquity Codex, this furnishing may be purchased from Jeran Antieve in Gonfalon Bay for 100,000 Gold.
  • Codex Entries required: 10


Druidic Provisioning Station Leads

druidic provisioning station leads eso wiki guide






Lead: Painted Elk Clay Pot Old Pot Master By the look and make of this, I'd say it's druidic. Something used in cooking, perhaps, given the markings on the bottom. The elk could be a depiction of one of the lesser spirits revered by druids, Una the Green Elk.
Lead: Druidic Pestle Textured Bowl Master Druidic artifacts are not my area of expertise, but I think it's quite hard to argue that this is of druid make. While the mortar is long gone, I believe this pestle was used for food stuffs rather than any magic or poultices. The design is thinner.
Lead: Cracked Stone Grill Tray Rusty Food Handling Tongs Master I've seen these before, I believe it's a very old cooking instrument. It has ridges on the side as if it once fit in to a larger piece. I am not sure I have ever encountered anything that would satisfy, but it certainly is an interesting puzzle.
Lead: Smoothed Stone Grinder Time-worn Stone Master The base of this strange pot has a hollow compartment. I believe this is where grain was stored. The top half acts as a grinder, so that the grain can be made into a paste with relative ease. A very smart druidic invention. Fascinating!
Lead: Druidic Kettle Spout Olden Breton Teapot Master It's hard to tell, given that we only have the spout to what I imagine was once a kettle, but if you look closely the engravings tell quite a story! If I'm not mistaken, this spout is decorated with symbols of Y'ffre--or the Green Man, rather.
Lead: Woven Straining Bowl Damaged Woven Strainer Master The craftsmanship on this piece is quite stunning, and remarkably well preserved. It would not take an expert to know that this is some kind of strainer. The holes are carefully placed. But a keen eye like mine also spotted the druidic style of weaving.
Lead: Woodfire Chamber Blazing Stones Master This appears to be part of a larger whole. The pieces on the top and bottom seem jagged, as if broken apart, but the chamber itself remains intact. The scorchmarks indicate this was perhaps some kind of small oven? Maybe it served other functions.
Lead: Preparation Surface Druidic Butcher Knife Master At first glance, this looks like nothing more than a butcher's block, but it was clearly attached to something else. It seems like a platform—something that had a foundation. For stability? The knife marks in it are deep, it was obviously well used.
Lead: Blending Broomstick Ancient Cleaning Tools Master One might think this was a broom made for exceptionally small people. It is indeed fashioned like a broom, but you can tell by the softness of the bristles (even after all this time) that it was more likely used for blending ingredients.
Lead: Clay Cooling Pitcher Stained Water Jug Master Druids of old often tempered their clay with wood ash and plant fibers. I think this is one such example. With the sheer width of the bottom of this pitcher, I would guess it was used to cool extremely hot liquids during cooking.




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