A Woodworker in the Elder Scrolls Online collects high quality wood that can be used to craft elegant staves, bows, and shields. Woodworkers use these materials at Woodworking Stations, one of the many mills found in cities and towns throughout Tamriel. Here they can refine raw resources, improve existing items, research various traits, and deconstruct staves and shields they have found throughout their journey.

Skilled Woodworkers are always seeking to learn new techniques to better their skills at the mill. Finding special crafting books is the key to learning new Racial Styles, while researching Traits allows for the creation of higher quality staves and shields.

Woodworking Tips

  • Deconstructing dropped items or those crafted by others is the best way to gain inspiration and level up
  • Putting points into Wood Extraction will increase your chances to extract special resins, and is therefore highly advisable
  • Finding leather may be harder than cloth, as you must defeat enemies for it.
  • Start with your Research as soon as possible, the best crafted sets require many traits researched per piece.
  • See the Writs page for details on daily changes to get inspiration experience and special resins.



Raw Materials

 Name & Icon  Description  Available At

Rough Maple

 Can be refined to make Sanded Maple  Level 1-14
Woodworking Skill Rank I

Rough Oak

 Can be refined to make Sanded Oak  Level 16-24
Woodworking Skill Rank II

Rough Beech

 Can be refined to make Sanded Beech   Level 26-34
Woodworking Skill Rank III

Rough Hickory

 Can be refined to make Sanded Hickory   Level 36-44
Woodworking Skill Rank IV

Rough Yew

 Can be refined to make Sanded Yew  Level 46-50
Woodworking Skill Rank V

Rough Birch

 Can be refined to make Sanded Birch  Champion Rank 10-30
Woodworking Skill Rank VI

Rough Ash

 Can be refined to make Sanded Ash  Champion Rank 40-60
Woodworking Skill Rank VII

Rough Mahogany

 Can be refined to make Sanded Mahogany  Champion Rank 70-80
Woodworking Skill Rank VIII

Rough Nightwood

 Can be refined to make Sanded Nightwood  Champion Rank 90-140
Woodworking Skill Rank IX 

Rough Ruby Ash

 Can be refined to make Sanded Ruby Ash  Champion Rank 150-160
Woodworking Skill Rank X

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