Questions of Faith


Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Anvil, Jerall Mountains


Unidentified Sithis' Touch Head Armor
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold
10 Dark Brotherhood Reputation

Questions of Faith is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

Hildegard never returned to the Sanctuary after going out to pray for Tanek. Kor asked me to help him find her.



  • Note from Kor



  • I should find Kor in the Sanctuary as soon as I can.
    Objective: Talk to Kor
  • Kor suggested we start our search at Anvil's Great Chapel of Dibella. Hildegard often goes there to pray and contemplate the Divines.
    Objective: Go to the Chapel of Dibella in Anvil
  • Kor suggested we talk to the worshipers to find out if any of them saw Hildegard in the chapel recently.
    Objective: Interview Worshipers
  • I found out that a woman saw Hildegard talking to Chanter Nemus near the Akatosh shrine. I should let Kor know and ask him if he discovered anything that can help us locate Hildegard.
    Objective: Talk to Kor
  • A very worried Kor thinks that Hildegard may have gone back to where he first found her—the wilderness of Skyrim. While he checks at the docks, he wants me to talk to the caravan master to see if she arranged travel there.
    Objective: Talk to the Caravan Master
  • I think the caravan master helped Hildegard leave Anvil, but I can't get a straight answer out of her. Maybe Kor can convince her to help us. I should stand back and let him give it a try.
    Objective: Listen to Kor
  • Hildegard told the caravan master about Kor, and she recognized him. She's agreed to take us to the Jerall Mountains in Skyrim, where she took Hildegard. I should talk to her when we're ready to go.
    Objective: Travel to the Jerall Mountains
    Optional Step: Talk to Kor
  • We arrived in the Jerall Mountains of Skyrim. Now we need to track Hildegard and find her before the Silver Dawn hunters kill her.
    Objective: Track Hildegard
    Objective Hint: To Track, Crouch and Look for Signs of Passage
  • I tracked Hildegard to a camp that's overrun with Silver Dawn hunters. I should deal with these hunters before I continue to search for Hildegard.
    Objective: Defeat the Silver Dawn
  • The Silver Dawn has apparently been tracking Hildegard, too. They reached this spot and set up a camp. A surviving member of their hunting party suggested that her trail continues to the south. I should hurry and find Hildegard.
    Objective: Continue Tracking Hildegard
  • I watched as Kor calmed Hildegard and got her to change back into human form. I should talk to her and find out what this was all about.
    Objective: Talk to Hildegard
  • Hildegard was tricked by Chanter Nemus and then set upon by the Silver Dawn. It was all some sort of elaborate trap, but we don't know what motivated the chanter. I need to either offer Hilde words of encouragement or scold her to teach her a lesson.
    Objective: Talk to Hildegard
  • I let Hildegard know what I think of her actions. It's time for us to return to Anvil.
    Objective: Return to Anvil
  • I should talk to Kor and make sure he gets Hildegard safely back to the Sanctuary.
    Objective: Talk to Kor
  • I should talk to Hildegard to find out what I can about Chanter Nemus.
    Objective: Talk to Hildegard
  • Chanter Nemus has an office beneath the Chapel of Dibella in Anvil. I should travel there and deal with him for trying to deceive the Dark Brotherhood.
    Objective: Kill Chanter Nemus
  • I should return to the Sanctuary and let Astara know what happened.
    Objective: Return to the Sanctuary
  • Hildegard was tricked by Chanter Nemus for some unknown reason, but Kor and I were able to keep her safe. I should let Astara know what happened.
    Objective: Talk to Astara


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