Filling the Void is a Dark Brotherhood Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Filling the Void Bestowal

  • This quest is obtained in Gold Coast by talking to Astara Caerellius after reaching Rank 8 in guild reputation and completing The Wrath of Sithis.

"Speaker Terenus wants to cut off the head of the group that has been moving against the Dark Brotherhood—he wants us to kill Artorius, the Primate of Akatosh. He wants the death to happen quickly, before the Order of the Hour attacks the Sanctuary."


  • Unidentified Sithis' Touch Weapon
  • 1 Skill Point
  • 302 Gold
  • 10 Dark Brotherhood Reputation


  • Tanek was sent ahead to scout out the heavily fortified Cathedral in Kvatch and try to find a way inside. I should travel to Kvatch and meet up with him.
    Objective: Meet Tanek in Kvatch
  • Tanek found a way into the catacombs that lie beneath the Cathedral. I need to explore these catacombs to find a way to enter the Cathedral proper.
    Objective: Explore the Cathedral Catacombs
  • While exploring the Cathedral Catacombs, I encountered a Wamasu Matriarch. It blocks the way ahead so I need to kill it to proceed.
    Objective: Kill the Wamasu Matriarch
  • The Wamasu Matriarch is dead. Now I can continue exploring the catacombs until I find a way into the Cathedral above.
    Objective: Explore the Cathedral Catacombs
  • A group of Order of the Hour warriors has cornered Grazda, one of my Brotherhood sisters, in the chamber ahead. We'll need to defeat them and their leader before we can proceed.
    Objective: Defeat the Order of the Hour
  • The way into the Cathedral is just ahead. Time to go upstairs and find Primate Artorius.
    Objective: Enter the Cathedral
  • I found a way into the Cathedral of Akatosh. Now I need to deal with Primate Artorius and make him pay for his transgressions against the Dark Brotherhood.
    Objective: Defeat Primate Artorius
  • Now that Primate Artorius has been defeated, I should finish him off once and for all.
    Objective: Assassinate Primate Artorius
  • I should return to the Sanctuary and let Speaker Terenus know everything that occurred at the Cathedral.
    Objective: Return to Speaker Terenus

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