The Sublime Brazier


Imperial Sewers, Dragonfire Cathedral


2 Hefty Tel Var Crates: 1,000 Tel Var Stones
1 Skill Point
Leveled Gold

The Sublime Brazier is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

Molag Bal seeks to destroy the Sublime Brazier—the key to rekindling the Dragonfires. Working with The Drake of Blades, Captain Caudex, and Father Egnatius, I must find a way to protect the Dragonfire Cathedral, and the brazier within.





  • Talk to the Drake of Blades in the Alliance Base.
  • Find The Rat's message in the Sewers.
  • Return to the Drake of Blades.
  • Go to the Dragonfire Cathedral.
  • Hold off the assaulting Daedra.
  • Talk to the Drake of Blades.
  • Return to the Alliance Base.




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