Bloodthorn Assassins




King's Justice of the Wyrd Tree
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold

Bloodthorn Assassins is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

Bloodthorn assassins plan to kill King Casimir. If the King dies, the entire Daggerfall Covenant could fall apart.





  • Talk to Captain Aresin. As soon as you finish the quest Blood and the Crescent MoonCaptain Aresin will tell you to go to the harbor to find the Bloodthorn Assassins and to let Sasana at-Abbas know about anything you find.
  • Investigate the ships in Daggerfall Harbor, just west of the Rosy Lion Inn. Run down all the stairs and turn north and continue onto the path at the bottom. Talk to Sasana, who is in a storage area down here. She tells you to find and kill the assassins. Leave the storage area and head southwest down the path. At the docks, run down the first one until you hit a ramp going onto the ship. Open the door against the east wall and break the box, revealing a Bloodthorn assassin. Kill him. Now leave the room, climb off the ship, and head east back up the docks. Follow the path until you reach the top of the stairs. Now go to Tradesman's Square just outside Daggerfall bank and head northwest up the path. Continue past the bridge, up the stairs to the north and then the big staircase going west.
  • Investigate Daggerfall Castle. Enter the castle and walk towards King Casimir. When you get close, infinitely respawning bloodthorn assassins will appear. Run north through the door and up the stairs.
  • Kill Verrik. At the top you'll find Verrik, the bloodthorn leader. You need to defeat him. Watch out for his spinning attack and remember to block!
  • Talk to King Casimir. When you beat him, talk to King Casimir for your reward.




  • This quest is part of a chain.


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