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The Weight of Three Crowns is part of the Main Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest giver: Vanus Galerion
Level: 43
Location: Depends on your faction (after turning in Messages Across Tamriel)
Reward: 548 Gold
Video Guide: Click here

  • Wait for Portal
  • Enter Portal to Stirk
  • Talk to Vanus Galerion
  • Mim Salutes(Hidden)
  • Theater 1 Warning Track(Hidden)
  • Meet Lady Laurent(Hidden)
  • Theater 2 Warning Track(Hidden)
  • Meet Telenger(Hidden)
  • Theater 3 Warning Track(Hidden)
  • Meet Captain Alphaury(Hidden)
  • Go to Summit Point
  • Listen to the Alliance Leaders
  • Talk to Countess Hakruba
  • Talk to High King Emeric
  • Talk to Jorunn Skald-King
  • Talk to Queen Ayrenn
  • Talk to the Alliance Leaders
  • Storm Atronach(Hidden)
  • Storm Atronach Base(Hidden)
  • Close the Unstable Rifts
  • Titan(Hidden)
  • Titan Base(Hidden)
  • Harvester(Hidden)
  • Harvester Base(Hidden)
  • Enter the Portal Valley(Hidden)
  • Take Portal to Coldharbour

Next Quest: Council of the Five Companions, The Hollow City
Prerequisite Quest: Messages Across Tamriel

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