Prison Break


Hew's Bane


Unidentified Bahraha's Curse Ring
Grand Amnesty Edict
1 Skill Point
302 Gold
10 Thieves Guild Reputation

Prison Break is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

Silver-Claw found out the Iron Wheel is planning to ship Zeira to Taneth. As acting guildmaster, I've called on the Thieves Guild to do something about it.



  • Andarri, Thrag



  • Talk to Silver-Claw.
  • Make preparations for Zeira's rescue.
  • Head to No Shira Citadel and find a way inside.
  • Go to Chief Inspector Rhanbiq's office.
  • Speak to Magnifica Falorah.
  • Enter No Shira Prison.
  • Find Zeira's Cell Block.
  • Decide the former guildmaster's fate.
  • Rescue Zeira from the prison ship.
  • Escape No Shira Citadel.
  • Talk to Zeira at the Thieves Den.




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