Valley of Blades


The Harborage


Sword Saint's Choker
1 Skill Point
High Leveled
Glyph of Health

Valley of Blades is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

Varen has asked me to accompany Sai Sahan on a trip back to his ancestral home. An old friend, Kasura, may have knowledge of how to sneak into Sancre Tor.



  • The Prophet



  • Talk to Sai Sahan in the Harborage.
  • Talk to Sai Sahan in the Valley of the Blades.
  • Find Kasura.
  • Destroy the three sigil stones.
  • Defeat the titan.
  • Talk to Kasura.
  • Enter the Ancestral Crypt.
  • Talk to Sai Sahan.
  • Retrieve the Ring of Stendarr's Mercy.
  • Talk to Kasura.
  • Defeat the enemies.
  • Talk to Sai Sahan.
  • Talk to the Prophet in The Harborage.




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      i'd just like to know if there is a more informative site that gives you the quest details that have set areas, i.e. fighters guild/mages guild/main story, with/wo map but has the collectables(really looking for the lore books)listed because once you finish the quest and can't return to the area, that collectable is gone forever for that character and id just hate to miss those. thank you, -Ed

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