Soul Shriven in Coldharbour


The Wailing Prison


Sealed Urn (contents)
1 Skill Point
Soul Magic Skill Line

Soul Shriven in Coldharbour is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

I died, but that was only the beginning...
I awoke in Oblivion. My body is intact, but my soul has been torn from my body. I must find a way out of this nightmare place to reclaim what was lost to me, or I will be damned for all eternity.



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Search the Cell Search and find a key to escape your cell
Escape the Cell Walk out of the cell and run in the same direction as the NPCs
Choose and Equip a Weapon
Escape the Prison
Fight the Skeletal Warrior
Continue through the Bleeding Forge
Fight the Skeletal Archer
Soul Shriven Chose Weapon.pngWeapon racks give you the option of any starting weapon. You can only pick one so chose wisely.
Once you have equipped your weapon of choice, exit the prison towards The Bleeding Forge.
You will be confronted by a Skeletal Warrior. Defeat it using the Combat tips in game.
You will be confronted by a Skeletal Archer. Defeat it and try out the interrupt command.
Talk to Lyris
Enter the Ashen Mines
Find Lyris Titanborn and talk to her.

Lyris: You've got more meat on your bones than most of these poor bastards. And I see you've armed yourself. Good! I hope you still got some fight left in you. You're going to need it.

Player: Who are you?
Lyris: A fellow prisoner. The name is Lyris.

Player: Lyris Titanborn? I was told to find you.
Lyris: What? Who told you to find me?

Player: A strange figure appeared in my cell. An old man in rags.
Lyris: The Prophet! He spoke to you? What did he say?

Player: He said our fates are intertwined.
Lyris: Ha! That sounds like the Prophet, alright. He's a prisoner here, too. It was very dangerous for him to speak to you, even for a moment. He must think you can help me.

Player: I can still hear his voice in my head. What does he want me to help you do?
Lyris: Break him out, of course!. Believe me, I can use all the help I can get. That blind old man is the only person alive who can help us get back home. Tamriel's a long way from here.

Player: I'll help you
Lyris: Keep your weapon ready and stay sharp. This place is full of surprises.

Player I have so many questions
Lyris: I'm sure you do. And I'll answer them best I can

Player: Who is this Prophet?
Lyris: He's a strange one, no doubt about it, but he's the wisest man I've ever met. He sees things. The past, the future. If he told you to find me, he must have had a very good reason.

Player: What is this place? Where am I?
Lyris: You're obviously not in Tamriel anymore.Think of the most miserable, depressing place you've ever been in your life. That's paradise compared to Coldharbour. And to top it off, well... there's no easy way to say it. You're dead.

Player: Then how are we having this conversation?
Lyris: I don't know. Once we rescue the Prophet, he can tell you about the Gods and the ways of Oblivion. I don't understand any of it, myself.

Player: If I'm dead, who killed me?
Lyris: A man named Mannimarco. His Worm Cult is doing some kind of ritual back in Tamriel. They sacrificed you, and everyone in this prison, to the Daedric Prince Molag Bal. After you died, whatever was left showed up here. They call you the Soul Shriven.

Player: What does that mean?
Lyris: It means you're a slave and you'll spend the rest of eternity here in Coldharbour, working under the lash of the Daedra. Unless of course, you come with me.

Player: Are you dead too?
Lyris: No, I wasn't sacrificed. The Prophet and I were brought here... conventionally, if that makes any sense. But we're prisoners here, same as you.

Player: What's our plan?
Lyris: We need to make our way through the Ashen Mines to get to the enclosure where the Prophet's being held.

Player: How will we get him out?
Lyris: It won't be easy. The place is watched by magical constructs called Sentinels. We won't stand a chance unless we can blind them. I'll tell you more when we get there. And we'll never get there if we don't get moving.
Reach the Towers of Eyes Walk through the mines and up some ramparts until you reach a door leading to the tower.
Destroy a Coldharbour Sentinel
Optional: Talk to Lyris
Coldharbour Sentinel.pngTalk to Lyris Titanborn

Lyris: Come, the Sentinels are at the top of those towers. We need to find a way up.

Player: What are these Sentinels?
Lyris: Magical constructs created by Molag Bal to guide his vision in Coldharbour. The Sentinels are connected. If we destroy one, we will blind the others. With any luck, that will buy us the time we need to free the Prophet.

Player: How can we destroy it?
Lyris: I have no idea. Brute force? We'll find a way. We have to. Be ready for anything. I doubt Molag Bal left the Sentinels unguarded.

Player: Let's go.

Find the Sentinel atop a hill by proceeding forward from when you first exited the mines. Press E to attack the object once.
Reach the Prophet's Cell
Talk to Lyris
Go back down the hill and towards the right - you will see a door with a blue light indicating the objective.
The cell will be blocked off and you must talk to Lyris Titanborn

Lyris: Damn it! Destroying the Sentinel must have triggered these wards. We need to find another way in. Hmm. Maybe Cadwell can help us.

Player: Who is Cadwell?
Lyris: Cadwell is the oldest of the Soul Shriven. After years of torment, Soul Shriven usually go insane and turn feral, but not Cadwell. He was already insane before he left Tamriel. Mad as a box of frogs, but completely harmless. You'll see.

Player: How can a mad man possibly help us?
Lyris: Cadwell sees things as he wishes them to be. To him, Coldharbour is a wondrous place. It's his home. And he knows it like the back of his hand. He's usually down by the river, let's go find him.

Player: Let's find this Cadwell.
Talk to Cardwell Move forward towards the river and you'll see a fire with some NPCs. The one wearing a pot for a hat is Cadwell. He will signal you to a nearby cave.

Cadwell: Hello, what's this? Out for a stroll, then? Lovely day for it.

Player: You must be Cadwell.
Cadwell: Sir Cadwell, yes indeed. A pleasure! And fair Lyris! Good to see you, m'dear. How are you, then?

Player: We're trying to get inside the Prophet's enclosure. The door is sealed.
Cadwell: Oh dear, oh dear. Well, that is inconvenient, isn't it? Tell you what - I happen to know another way in! Much more of a scenic route. Rather a fun little jaunt, actually. Full of traps, and corpses, and nasty beasties filling up the bits in between.

Player: How do we go through all of that?
Cadwell: Rather cautiously, I expect. Watch your step, hold your nose, and do mind the traps. There'll like as not be a fair dose of running and skull-bashing as well.

Player: Where's the entrance?
Cadwell: Follow the river. You'll find the door to the Undercroft at the water's end. Once you're inside, stick to the light and you'll find a ladder that will take you right up to the Prophet, straightaway. Do give him my best!

Player: Thanks.
Cadwell: Best of luck. Do check in now and again, won't you?

Player: Tell me about yourself, Sir Cadwell.
Cadwell: Well, there's not much to tell, is there? It's the same old pish-tosh. Gallant knight, epic quests, rescued maidens. I came to this land when my head was quite unceremoniously separated from my body. Bad luck that, but you make the best of things.

Player: How long have you been here?.
Cadwell: Oh, quite a long time. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I were the oldest of the Soul Shriven. Of those who didn't go feral, that is. I know every tunnel and path, every nook and cranny. The others look up to me, I suppose.

Player: How do you know Lyris?
Cadwell: Ah, Lyris. Girl's mad as Sheogorath's jammies. Heart's in the right place, I suppose. Says she's got to rescue the Prophet to save us all from eternal torment. How an old blind man could do that is quite beyond me!

Player: What do you know about the Prophet?
Cadwell: An Imperial Gentleman. Apparently, he was once a powerful mage, but the years haven't been kind. Lyris says he knows of a path back to Tamriel. I rather think that if one existed, I'd have found it by now.

Player: You don't think there's a way to get home?
Cadwell: I hadn't actually given it much thought. Anything is possible, I suppose. Truth is, I've been here so long, this place feels like home. But a good uprising now and again is a pleasant diversion, so where's the harm, eh?

Player: Goodbye.
Enter the Undercroft
Enter the Prophet's Cell
Find the Prophet
Talk to Lyris
Once in the Undercroft, you will find plenty of spike traps and chests/containers with recipes, food components and more importantly lockpicks. Make sure to loot!
You can find the exit easily by pressing M in your map and moving towards the marker.
Climb the ladder and you will arrive in a large room with more containers. Approach the center of the room and you must talk to Lyris Titanborn

Lyris: All right. The good news is, we made it here in one piece and the Prophet looks unharmed. Now, the bad news. It's going to be up to you to keep him safe and get him back to Tamriel. I'm not going with you.

Player: What do you mean? Where are you going?
Lyris: I probably should have mentioned this before, but it never seemed like the right time. There's a trick to opening the cell. The only way for a prisoner to leave is for another living soul to take their place. I need to swap places with the Prophet.

Player: Don't do this, Lyris. There must be another way.
Lyris: Believe me, I wish there was. But... I don't see anyone else here with a beating heart, do you? If Molag Bal isn't stopped he'll destroy everyone and everything we have ever loved. The Prophet chose you for a reason. Get him to safety. I'll be fine.

Player: I'll keep him safe.
Lyris: There are magical locking devices on either side of the cage. You need to deactivate both of them so I can begin the transfer. Once it's done, get moving. The Prophet will know where to go, but he'll need your eyes, and your protection.

Player: I understand. Good luck.
Disable North Anchor Pinion
Disable South Anchor Pinion
Return to Lyris and observe the exchange
To the North and South, two magical devices trap the Prophet. You should approach them and press E to disrupt them.
Talk to the Prophet
Enter the Anchor Mooring
The Prophet is now free. Approach him for instructions

Prophet: Thank the Divines, you're safe! There is that, at least. Lyris sacrificed everything, that we might go free. Her sacrifice must not be in vain.

Player: Can we find a way to take her with us?
Prophet: I wish that were possible. But I promise you, once we escape Coldharbour we will find a way to rescue her together, Vestige.

Player: Vestige?
Prophet: That is the name I have given you. You are but a trace of your former self. A Soulless one. An empty vessel that longs to be filled. It is as the Scrolls foretold, but not exactly as I imagined.

Player: Why does Lyris call you the Prophet?
Prophet: That is what I have come to be called. My true name is lost, even to me. Years of torment have taken their toll. Quickly now, we must make haste to the Anchor!

Player: Anchor?
Prophet: The Anchors are Daedric machines of the darkest magic. Their chains bind our world and pull it towards Coldharbour. I can use one of these anchors to return us to Tamriel, but you must lead me to it.

Player: All right. Stay close then.

You can chose to speak to him again for some clarification. After this, you should head through the nearby door towards the Mooring.

Prophet: Quickly now! We must not let Lyris's sacrifice be in vain!

Player: I have some questions.
Prophet: I shall answer what I can, but know that time is short.

Player: What exactly are the Daedra trying to do?
Prophet: The twisted machines of the Daedra are used to draw our land of Tamriel closer to Coldharbour, until the two realms merge. It is the evil dream of Molag Bal and his servant Mannimarco to meld the two realities and make one realm of suffering.

Player: How do you know Lyris?
Prophet: Lyris and I walked together, once. Long ago, we were captured and condemned to this place for becoming entangled in the schemes of Molag Bal, the master of this wretched land. More than that, however, I shall not say. It is not yet time.

Player: Goodbye.
Get to the Mooring Base
Defeat the Anchor Guardian
Anchor Guardian.pngAs you approach the Mooring Base, Molag Bal will show as an apparition to mock you, and then the Anchor Guardian will confront you.
The Prophet will heal your character so concentrate on damaging this enemy, and interrupting its attacks.
Talk to the Prophet
Collect the Skyshard
Approach the Prophet to talk

Prophet: The Dark Anchor's portal is high above us. I will prepare to lift us to it. But first, you must re-attune yourself with Nirn in order to regain your physical form. To do this, you will need a Skyshard.

Player: Skyshard?
Prophet: A shard of Aethereal magicka that carries the essence of Nirn. Some link them to Lorkhan, the missing God of creation. If you collect and absorb its power, it should restore your corporeal form. I will summon one of these shards for you to absorb.

Player: I'm ready.

Collect the Skyshard by pressing E when you're ready.
Talk to the Prophet
Activate the West Anchor Device
Activate the East Anchor Device
Wait for the Prophet
Approach the Portal
Use Rift to Escape to Tamriel
Approach the Prophet and talk

Prophet: It is time! If we are to return to our own realm, we must act quickly!

Player: What must I do?
Prophet: First, you must activate the Anchor. I can sense the dark energy emanating from two devices on either side of me. Activate both devices. I will begin the ritual that will pry open the jaws of Oblivion and allow us to escape.

Player: Where will we arrive in Tamriel?
Prophet: There's no way to know for sure. In fact, it's extremely unlikely we will both arrive at the same location. Fear not. I will find you again when the time is right. Now go! Activate the devices!

Player: Very well.

Then activate both Anchors West and East
When the Prophet is ready, walk towards the center platform and levitate into the Anchor portal.
Talk to the Prophet Depending on your selected faction, you will now be at your allegiance's starting zone.
Talk to the vision of the Prophet


Next Quest

The Harborage at level 3

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      Okay, this is your first quest:

      First, search for key to leave the cage.
      Pick up a weapon from weapon rank nearby
      Find Lyris Titanborn and speak with her.
      Walk through the prison and mines killing mobs on the way.
      When you got out of mines, find the Sentinel atop a hill. Sneak closer to it and backstab to instant kill.
      Go back down the hill and towards the right - you will see a door with a blue light indicating the objective. It's closed.
      Move forward towards the river and you'll see a fire with some NPCs. The one wearing a pot for a hat is Cadwell. He will signal you to a nearby cave.
      Walk through the cave until you found a Propthet.
      Defend Lyris and let him swap Prophet out of his cell.
      Follow his instructions, kill The Child and run forward, there you'll run out of the prison.

      Soul Shriven in Coldharbour -

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