Signed in Blood


Cradle of Shadows


Unidentified Cradle of Shadows Armaments
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold

Signed in Blood is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

An Argonian Shadowscale named Tsatva-Lan went missing while investigating the lair of a rival group of assassins known as the Silken Ring. His former student, Hides-the-Ashes, asked me to help her track down her mentor and rescue him.





  • To get close to the Imperial noble, I need to find a way to get inside his estate. It's located northwest of Anvil, along the Gold Road.
    Objective: Find a Way Into the Jarol Estate
    Objective HintAsk the Speaker for Advicel
    Optional StepUse the Tunnels Under the Withered Rose
  • I'm inside the home of the Imperial noble, Quintus Jarol. Now I need to find him or uncover clues as to his current location.
    Objective: Search the Manor House
    Objective HintSearch the Wine Cellar
    Optional StepUnlock the False Cask Passage
  • I made it inside the Jarol Estate. Now I need to locate my quarry, the noble Quintus Jarol.
    Objective: Find Lord Quintus Jarol
    Objective HintEavesdrop on the Secret Meeting
  • Quintus Jarol has just finished a meeting with the Provincial Governor of Anvil and the Count of Kvatch. Now that the meeting has broken up, I should finish my mission and kill the noble.
    Objective: Assassinate Lord Quintus Jarol
    Optional StepBonus: Use the Blade of Woe
  • Quintus Jarol is dead. Now I need to find a way out of his estate.
    Objective: Leave the Estate
  • I should return to Speaker Terenus at the Anvil Lighthouse and tell him that the noble he wanted me to kill is dead.
    Objective: Report to Speaker Terenus
  • I need to find the Black Door and gain entry to the Gold Coast Sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood.
    Objective: Gain Entry to the Sanctuary
  • I gained entry to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. Now I should find Astara and talk to her about what they expect of me.
    Objective: Talk to Astara.





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    • I have previously started this quest, later abandoned it. Now I restarted it again but when I get to the Wine Cellar, I cannot find any way to Unlock the False Cask Passage. :( And the Hint I get before entering the Mannor is: 'Ask the Speaker for help'... what Speaker?!!?!? WTF....?!?! Anyone who solved this issue? Thank you

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