Signed in Blood is a Dark Brotherhood Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Signed in Blood Bestowal

  • This quest is obtained in Gold Coast by talking to Speaker Terenus.

"To prove myself to the Dark Brotherhood, Speaker Terenus wants me to murder the Imperial noble named Quintus Jarol."


  • Unidentified Sithis' Touch Weapon
  • Leniency Edict
  • Shrouded Armor
  • 1 Skill Point
  • 302 Gold
  • 10 Dark Brotherhood Reputation


  • To get close to the Imperial noble, I need to find a way to get inside his estate. It's located northwest of Anvil, along the Gold Road.
    Objective: Find a Way Into the Jarol Estate
    Objective Hint: Ask the Speaker for Advicel
    Optional Step: Use the Tunnels Under the Withered Rose
  • I'm inside the home of the Imperial noble, Quintus Jarol. Now I need to find him or uncover clues as to his current location.
    Objective: Search the Manor House
    Objective Hint: Search the Wine Cellar
    Optional Step: Unlock the False Cask Passage
  • I made it inside the Jarol Estate. Now I need to locate my quarry, the noble Quintus Jarol.
    Objective: Find Lord Quintus Jarol
    Objective Hint: Eavesdrop on the Secret Meeting
  • Quintus Jarol has just finished a meeting with the Provincial Governor of Anvil and the Count of Kvatch. Now that the meeting has broken up, I should finish my mission and kill the noble.
    Objective: Assassinate Lord Quintus Jarol
    Optional Step: Bonus: Use the Blade of Woe
  • Quintus Jarol is dead. Now I need to find a way out of his estate.
    Objective: Leave the Estate
  • I should return to Speaker Terenus at the Anvil Lighthouse and tell him that the noble he wanted me to kill is dead.
    Objective: Report to Speaker Terenus
  • I need to find the Black Door and gain entry to the Gold Coast Sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood.
    Objective: Gain Entry to the Sanctuary
  • I gained entry to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. Now I should find Astara and talk to her about what they expect of me.
    Objective: Talk to Astara.

Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest

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