Whispers in the Wood




Tribal Helmet Crate
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold

Whispers in the Wood is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Murkmire DLC.

Quest Information

A band of notorious criminals known as the Blackguards are searching for a powerful Argonian relic called the Remnant of Argon. I'll need allies if I'm going to find it first.



  • Kassandra



  • Speak to Kassandra in Lilmoth.
  • Speak to Xukas for further advice.
  • Go to Bright-Throat Village and find a way to communicate with the Hist.
  • Find Kassandra.
  • Investigate the murder of Kassandra's informant.
  • Work with Jaxsik-Orrn to find out more about the Blackguards' plans.
  • Retrieve the grave-stake of a legendary Naga.
  • Return to Lilmoth.




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