Cadwell's Gold is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Cadwell's Gold Bestowal

  • This quest is obtained in The Harborage by talking to Cadwell.

"Having shown me another part of the world, Cadwell has offered to complete the map for me and show me the last alliance I have yet to visit."




  • Talk to Cadwell in the Harborage.
  • Use the Light of Meridia to travel to the final alliance's territory.


The Light of Meridia

This quest is available once Cadwell's Silver has been completed. You are teleported back to the The Harborage where Cadwell is waiting to speak with you. Cadwell is a servant of Meridia, who wishes you to see the other side of the faction wars. He points you toward a Light of Meridia that you can touch to transport to your first destination enemy faction, which will depend on your original faction.

  • aldmeri_icon.pngAldmeri Dominion players will be teleported to the Daggerfall Covenant city of Daggerfall.
  • daggerfall_icon.pngDaggerfall Covenant Players will be teleported to the Ebonheart Pact starting in Davon's Watch.
  • ebonheart_icon.pngEbonheart Pact players will be teleported to the Aldmeri Dominion, starting in Vukhel Guard in Auridon.

You may return to your own faction via wayshrines at any time.
Note that content in the veteran alliances scales up to veteran ranks. Veteran Ranks will be removed with a patch later in the year, but for now this is relevant.


A note on Cadwell's Almanac

To complete this quest, you must finish Location Objectives from Cadwell's Almanac which can be seen in your Journal. The quests required for Cadwell's Almanac omit the introductory quest for each zone. If you wish to complete these, look for the following:


Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest


Walkthrough Index
  1. A Beginning at Bleakrock
  2. A Bit of Sport
  3. A Blessing for the Dead
  4. A Blow for Order
  5. A Brother's Revenge
  6. A Brush With Death
  7. A Business Proposition
  8. A Change of Heart
  9. A City in Black
  10. A Council of Thanes
  11. A Cure For Droi
  12. A Dagger to the Heart
  13. A Dangerous Dream
  14. A Diamond in the Root
  15. A Duke in Exile
  16. A Dying Wish
  17. A Fair Warning
  18. A Family Affair
  19. A Favor Between Kings
  20. A Favor Returned
  21. A Final Release
  22. A Final Request
  23. A Friend in Mead
  24. A Gang of Thugs
  25. A Gathering of Guar
  26. A Ghost from the Past
  27. A Giant in Smokefrost Peaks
  28. A Goblin's Affection
  29. A Grave Matter
  30. A Grave Situation
  31. A Handful of Stolen Dreams
  32. A Higher Priority
  33. A Last Reminder
  34. A Leaf in the Wind
  35. A Lesson in Silence
  36. A Life of Privilege
  37. A Lingering Hope
  38. A Look in the Mirror
  39. A Lucky Break
  40. A Marriage in Ruins
  41. A Means to an End
  42. A Mysterious Curio
  43. A Past Remembered
  44. A Pinch of Sugar
  45. A Pirate Parley
  46. A Poisoned Heart
  47. A Predator's Heart
  48. A Prison of Sleep
  49. A Ransom for Miranda
  50. A Reckoning with Uwafa
  51. A Right to Live
  52. A Ritual in Smokefrost Peaks
  53. A Ritual in the Ragged Hills
  54. A Saint Asunder
  55. A Service for the Dead
  56. A Special Request
  57. A Spy in Shornhelm
  58. A Step Back in Time
  59. A Storm Broken
  60. A Story Told in Footprints
  61. A Stranger Uninvited
  62. A Thirst for Revolution
  63. A Timely Matter
  64. A Token Trophy
  65. A Traitor's Tale
  66. A Walk Above the Clouds
  67. A Winner for Onwyn
  68. A Woman Wronged
  69. Abominations from Beyond
  70. Aggressive Negotiations
  71. Aiding Sigunn
  72. Alasan's Plot
  73. Alchemical Analysis
  74. All's Fair
  75. An Offering to Azura
  76. An Unwanted Twin
  77. Anchors from the Harbor
  78. Ancient Power
  79. And Throw Away The Key
  80. Angof the Gravesinger
  81. Another Omen
  82. Approaching Thunder
  83. Archaic Relics
  84. Army at the Gates
  85. Ash'abah Rising
  86. Assassin Hunter
  87. Assisting Davon's Watch
  88. At Frost's Edge
  89. Azura's Aid
  90. Azura's Guardian
  91. Azura's Relics
  92. Back in Time
  93. Back-Alley Murders
  94. Bad Soldiers
  95. Badwater Mine
  96. Bath Time
  97. Beneath the Stone
  98. Beneath the Surface
  99. Best of the Best
  100. Beyond the Call


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