The Seal of Three


Tribunal Temple


Ordinator Helm of the Night Mother
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold

The Seal of Three is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

A large Maulborn force used the sewers to sneak into Mournhold. I need to find them before they can complete their nefarious plan.





  • Talk to Almalexia
  • Enter the Tribunal Temple
  • Close the Daedric Portals
  • Portal(Hidden)
  • Pray at Almalexia's Altar
  • Talk to Almalexia
  • Pray at Vivec's Altar
  • Pass Sotha Sil's Trial
  • Talk to Almalexia(Hint)
  • Repair the Arbiter of Perfection(Hint)
  • Receive Sotha Sil's Blessing
  • Find Vivec's Cloister
  • Pass Vivec's Trial
  • Talk to Almalexia(Hint)
  • Investigate the Scene(Hint)
  • Uncover the Traitor(Hint)
  • Receive Vivec's Blessing
  • Find Sotha Sil's Cloister
  • Enter the High Chapel of the Three
  • Defeat Maulborn Priest Sathram
  • Talk to Almalexia


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