Abbot Durak
/ is an NPC in the Elder Scrolls Online. placeholder.jpg

  • Location: Pariah Abbey, Shinji's Scarp
  • Quest:
    • A Prison of Sleep: Make use of a soporific potion and enter a dreaming sleep.
    • Pursuing the Shard: Head to Wayrest to inform High King Emeric of the theft from the Abbey.
    • The Return of the Dream Shard: Return the stolen Dream Shard to Pariah Abbey.
    • Another Omen: Warn High King Emeric of the emergent threat in Gavaudon.
    • Godrun's Dream: Rescue the general from the realm of nightmares.
    • Azura's Aid: Cleanse the Shrine of Azura and pray for guidance.
    • Vaermina's Gambit: Face the Night Terror and end the threat to Stormhaven.
  • Store:
  • Race & Gender: Orc & Male
  • Level & Health: (?) & (?)
  • Notes:

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