Family Reunion




Veya's Axe of the Defiler
Morag Tong Body Tattoo
Morag Tong Face Tattoo
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold

Family Reunion is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

Veya thinks we should go and find Vatola Telem's squad that's scouting the old fort outside of Balmora. She said the fort's overrun with cultists and we need to reach the soldiers before anything happens to them.



  • Veya Releth



  • Meet Veya at Hlormaren Stronghold.
  • Search around the stronghold for Redoran soldiers.
  • Enter the stronghold and continue the search.
  • Talk to Vatola Telem.
  • Get a cell key and return to Vatola.
  • Go back to Balmora to find Veya.
  • Tell Naryu what's happened.
  • Search the Redoran Kinhouse for Veya.
  • Update Naryu on what you found.
  • Meet Naryu at the Redoran Garrison.
  • Search for Captain Brivan at the Garrison.
  • Confront Captain Brivan.
  • Talk to Naryu.
  • Stop Veya.
  • Speak with High Councilor Meriath.
  • Help Naryu decide what to do about Veya.




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