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Faction grahtwood-aldmeri-dominion-location-eso-wikiAldmeri Dominion
Previous Zone Khenarthis Roost
Next Zone Grahtwood
Unique Achievements 4
Auridon City Secrets ??

Auridon is a Location in Elder Scrolls Online. Members of the Aldmeri Dominion are diverted to here from Khenarthi's Roost by the main quest. This area was originally designed for players levels 16-23, but has become Battle Leveled with One Tamriel.


Auridon has the following Overland Sets: Armor of the Veiled Heritance Set, Queen's Elegance Set and Twin Sisters Set




Auridon Maps



Auridon Chest Map




Auridon Quests

Quest Name Level Obtained Reward
external image bPmcYnE.pngThe Harborage 3 The Prophet 1 Skill Point, Prophet’s Recollection, 146 Gold
Ensuring Security 5 Captain Astanya 116 Gold
A Hostile Situation 5 In Auridon by talking to Watchman Heldil (after turning in Ensuring Security) Queensguard Greaves,93 Gold
Curinure's Invitation 5 In Mages Guild by talking to Curinure 23 Gold
 Unaccounted Crew 5 In Vulkhel Guard (Southern dock area) by talking to Captain Erronfaire Sailor’s Hatchet,85 Gold
Aicessar's Invitation 8 In Fighters Guild, Vulkhel Guard by talking to Aicessar 23 Gold
Anchors from the Harbour 6 In Fighters Guild, Vulkhel Guard (after turning in Aicessar’s Invitation) by talking to Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors Anchorstone Amulet,228 Gold
Silsailen Rescue 6 In West of Mages Guild by talking to Watchman Cirdur 98 Gold
Real Marines 6 In Southwest Silsailen (right after Silsailen Rescue) by talking to Hanilan 93 Gold
Teldur's End 6 In Northern Silsailen (right after Real Marines) by talking to Elenwen 93 Gold
To Tanzelwil 6 In West of Rededication Shrine / South of Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury (after turning in A Hostile Situation) by talking to Queen Ayrenn 24 Gold
The Serpent's Beacon 6 In Southwest of Windy Glade Wayshrine by talking to Elenwen First Mate’s Leathers,116 Gold
The Repentant Son 7 In Del's Claim by talking to Blood Journal inside Del’s Claim mini dungeon Heritance Gauntlets,53 Gold
Plague of Phaer 7 In Phaer by talking to Anganirne 106 Gold
The First Patient 7 In Phaer (after turning in Plague of Phaer) by talking to Velatosse Plaguetender’s Staff, 212 Gold
Corruption Stones 8 In Southwest of Tanzelwil Wayshrine by talking to Priestess Langwe Monastic Slippers,114 Gold
Long Lost Lore 8 In Mages Guild by talking to Valaste The Amulet of Eyevea, 228 Gold
Depths of Madness 8 In Northwest of Tanzelwil Wayshrine by talking to Eminelya Kilt of the Fractured Mind, 228 Gold
In the Name of the Queen 8 In Southwest of Tanzelwil Wayshrine / Northwest of Windy Glade Wayshrine (after turning in To Tanzelwil) by talking to Prince Naemon 114 Gold
Rites of the Queen 8 In West of Tanzelwil Wayshrine (after turning in In the Name of the Queen) by talking to Queen Ayrenn 1 Skill Point,Eaglebanner Longbow,114 Gold
To Mathiisen 9 In West of Tanzelwil Wayshrine by talking to Battlereeve Urcelmo (after completing Rites of the Queen) 30 Gold
Putting the Pieces Together 9 In Mathiisen entrance (after turning in To Mathiisen) by talking to Razum-dar 152 Gold
The Unveiling 9 In Behind Malani's House (after turning Putting the Pieces Together) by talking to Razum-dar Queen’s Eye Leathers,122 Gold
To Skywatch 9 In Mathiisen (after turning in The Unveiling) by talking to Razum-dar 30 Gold
The Toothmaul Ploy & Well Armed Savages 9 In Inside Toothmaul Gully by talking to Pirondil (The Toothmaul Ploy) & Jilan-dar (Well Armed Savages) Battered Bear Trap,152 Gold(The Toothmaul Ploy) &152 Gold(Well Armed Savages)
Spirited Away 10 In Skywatch by talking to Ancalin Mourner’s Ring, 130 Gold
external image bPmcYnE.pngDaughter of Giants 10 In The Prophet contacts you at L10 by talking to The Prophet 1 Skill Point, Titanborn Family Signet, 260 Gold
Silent Village 10 In Shattered Grove entrance by talking to Halino 130 Gold
A Village Awakened 10 In Merormo's Tower, Shattered Grove (After turning in Silent Village) by talking to Merormo Binder’s Robe,130 Gold
The Racer 10 in Skywatch near "The watchers forge" by talking to Firtoril  
Lifting the Veil 11 In Skywatch (after turning in To Skywatch) by talking to Royal Guard at the Skywatch entrance 138 Gold
Wearing the Veil 11 In Barbed Hook Tavern (after turning in Lifting the Veil) by talking to Palomir 172 Gold
The Veil Falls 11 In The Veiled Isle (after turning in Wearing the Veil) by talking to Alandare 1 Skill Point, Queensguard Chestplate,138 Gold
The Mallari-Mora 11 In Ezduiin by talking to Telenger the Artificer Artificer's Belt, 172 Gold
An Act of Kindness 11 In Ezduiin by talking to Sirinque Micro-Etched Ring,172 Gold
Assisting the Assistant 11 In Outside Mages Guild in Skywatch by talking to Neetra 69 Gold
To Dawnbreak 12 In Skywatch Manor (after turning in The Veil Falls) by talking to Queen Ayrenn 34 Gold
Final Blow 12 In Skywatch entrance (after turning in The Veil Falls) by talking to Egranor Executioner’s Gloves,146 Gold
The Veiled Choice 12 In Quendelunn Wayshrine by talking to Rolancano Patriot’s Mace, 292 Gold
Preventive Measure 12 In North of Quendelunn Wayshrine by talking to Delves-Deeply Riverwalker Boots, 146 Gold
One of the Undaunted 12 In Salt Wings Tavern in Vulkhel Guard by talking to Turuk Redclaws Undaunted skill line,
146 Gold, 816 XP
Through the Ashes 12 In Dawnbreak (after turning in To Dawnbreak) by talking to Captain Landare Scampcrusher, 182 Gold
Blessings of the Eight 13 In Torinaan, West of College Wayshrine by talking to Aldarch Colaste Divine-Touched Aegis, 191 Gold
Relic Rescue 13 In Torinaan, West of College Wayshrine by talking to Monastic Nenaron Relic-Tender Sash, 76 Gold
Harsh Lesson 13 In College of Aldmeri Propriety by talking to Baham Thalmor Helm, 1 Skill Point
, 306 Gold
The Wayward Dagger 14 In North Beacon entrance by talking to Scout Endetuile War-Mage’s Cowl, 160 Gold
Eye Spy 14 In Just after North Beacon entrance by talking to Scout Arfanel Keeneye Belt, 160 Gold
Eye of the Ancients 14 In Greenwater Cove by talking to Captain Cirenwe Serpent-Rider Spaulders, 176 Gold
Breaking the Barrier 15 In Firsthold by talking to Razum-dar (after turning in The Veil Falls) 168 Gold
Sever All Ties 15 In Firsthold by talking to Razum-dar (after turning in Breaking the Barrier) Estre’s Dreadstaff, 210 Gold
, 1 Skill Point
Rightful Inheritance 15 In Castle Rilis by talking to Lady Elanwe Despot’s Shoulderpads, 336 Gold
The Jester's Joke 15 In Castle Rilis by talking to Lisondor The Laughing Blade, 84 Gold
external image bPmcYnE.pngChasing Shadows 15 In The Harborage by talking to The Prophet Aldmion’s Amulet, 1 Skill Point, 336 Gold
Lost Bet 15 In In Bewan mini dungeon by talking to Altmeri Relic 84 Gold

In by talking to

Auridon Fishing

Fish Name Closest Location
Barbel (Lake) Isle of Contemplation
Blackspotted Pike (River) Silsailen
Blue Monkfish (Sea) Bewan
Bristlemouths (River) Beacon Falls
Eucla Cod (Sea) Vulkhel Guard
Ilyadifish (Lake) Windy Glade Wayshrine
Mola (Sea) Seaside Scarp Camp
Mudfish (Lake) The Lady
Muskie (River) Phaer Wayshrine
Shimmerpike (River) Nestmother's Den
Sturgeon (Lake) Firsthold Wayshrine
Thrassian Eel (Sea) The Banished Cells

All Auridon Locales & Auridon Trivia

Other noteworthy locations within the Auridon include:

external image Auridon%20flowery%20trees.png
Riliadir, viewing gardens in Auridon:
“It’s too, well, clean, I guess. It’s not like Valenwood at all. Wood Elves, we’re part of the forest and we work together with the trees; the Altmer demand obedience from them. If they can’t magically force them into shape, they’ll cut them. I’ve seen it, the obsessive clipping and pruning and even tying trunks down to encourage them to bend in strange ways. I heard they’ll have them uprooted, even after years of work, if just one flower blooms without exactly the right number of petals, or if one fruit doesn’t have the ‘proper’ number of seeds. It’s all about control for them. It’s horrible. I feel bad for their gardens.”






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