The Mallari-Mora




Artificer's Bolt
High Leveled Goldd

The Mallari-Mora is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

I discovered a Mages Guild expedition at the ruins of Ezduiin. A scholar named Telenger is in charge.



  • Parmtilir, Rellus, Umbarile, Telenger the Artificer



  • Talk to Telenger at the Ezduiin camp.
  • Find his student, Andewen.
  • Collect the two runes.
  • Search the Ezduiin Undercroft with Andewen for the missing researchers.
  • Talk to Meldil.
  • Release or kill four assistants.
  • Talk to Andewen, who tells you to kill Uricantar.
  • Enter the Inner Sanctum
  • Talk to Uricantar's projection
  • Find Uricantar.
  • Kill him and recover the Mallari-Mora.
  • Return to Telenger to receive your reward.




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