Rightful Inheritance


Auridon, Castle Rilis 


Despot's Shoulderplates
Very High Leveled Gold

Rightful Inheritance is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

A crazy person on the beach directed me toward the bridge into Castle Rilis. Said people claiming to be relatives of Rilis the twelfth were searching through the ruins. I should look into this. [if taken from the beach]
Elanwe's son, Sorondil, is the illegitimate son of the deceased High Kinsman Rilis XII. Sorondil has come to these ruins to retrieve a great treasure and his inheritance. [if taken from Elanwe]



  • Fasundil, Caritaale, Relulae, Gilien, or Elanwe



  • (Optional) Speak to one of multiple crazy people on the beach, Fasundil, Caritaale, Relulae, Gilien, or directly from Elanwe, to start the quest.
  • Speak to Elanwe.
  • Find Sorondil.
  • Defeat the three guardians and let Sorondil lower the wards.
  • Enter the vaults of Castle Rilis.
  • Follow Sorondil until he finds the helm.
  • Defeat Sorondil.
  • Return to Elanwe.




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