Quest: The First Patient
Questgiver: Velatosse
Level: 7
Location: Phaer (after turning in Plague of Phaer)
Reward: Plaguetender’s Staff, 212 gold
Note: At the front door of Hendil's house, bribe Scout Taniril with 23 gold to get in the house.
To get inside the cave (without guard uniform), bribe Scout Camenwen with 117 gold to get in. If you got the guard uniform, you can go straight in.
Video Guide: Click here

Text of the Quest:
The First Patient Velatosse is suspicious about the plagues origins. Shes asked me to look into the source of this mysterious illness. Velatosse is very upset that the mercenaries are guarding Hendils home as well as the quarantine area. She thinks the alchemist is hiding something. I should speak to the guard at the home, or find an alternate way in.
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