1 Skyshard, located in a corner in a small room as you follow the loop back to the entrance from the main room of the dungeon. The room is off the corridor (north south) that looks flooded on the map. Not on PS4
Point of Interest.pngAchievements / Books
Treasure Chest Spotter.pngExplore Wansalen: 10 points - Explore and clear Wansalen

Wansalen is a ruin located west of Quendeluun. This network of tunnels is being held and used by members of the Daggerfall Covenant who plan attacks on the dominion There's also a skyshard, provisioning materials as well as books.


Map Auridon Public Dungeons.png wansalen_small.jpg

Group Boss.pngBosses


Nirjin (Level 11)
  • Location: Last large room before the skyshard.
  • Strategy: ??
  • Possible Loot: ??

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