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Craglorn is an Adventure Zone in The Elder Scrolls Online. A new story is unfolding in the region’s wastelands. You’ll encounter creatures you’ve never seen, uncover lore about the guardian constellations and Nedic people, and more as you fight your way through the zone. 

Craglorn has the following Overland Sets:Way of Air Set, Way of Fire Set, Way of Martial Knowledge Set.



Craglorn Maps


Craglorn Skyshards

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Craglorn Dungeons

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Psijic Staff Fragments



Way of the Arena Crafting Site

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Twice-Born Star Crafting Site

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Craglorn Quests


Quest Name Obtained Reward
A Leaf in the Wind Regent Cassipia outside Serpent's Nest Very Low Leveled Gold
Dawn of the Exalted Viper In Howling Sepulchers, Loth'Na Caverns by talking to ?? Nirnhoned Coffer, Leveled Gold
Elemental Army In Haddock's Market, Balamath by talking to The Thief at the Proving Grounds Dolmen. Staff of Unstable Elements, Leveled Gold
Gem of the Stars Orrery Leveled Gold
Holding Court In ragonstar by talking to Little Leaf. Leveled Gold
Message Unknown Unusual Stone Carving Very Low Leveled Gold
Slithering Brood talking to Regent Cassipia. Single Jewelry Enchantment, Leveled Gold
Strange Lexicon Centurion Control Lexicon  Very Low Leveled Gold
The Corrupted Stone In Mtharnaz, Ruins of Kardala by talking to Erold at the Star-Gazers' Observatory. Sandstone Guard, Leveled Gold
The Missing Guardian (Group) In Star-Gazers' Observatory, Reinhold's Retreat by talking to Nazdura. Pendant of the Sundered Triad, Leveled Gold
The Serpent's Fang In Ilthag's Undertower, Exarch's Stronghold by talking to Little Leaf. Single Weapon Enchantment, Leveled Gold
The Shattered and the Lost In Elinhir Sewerworks, Spellscar, Rkundzelft, Ogondar's Winery by talking to Star-Gazer Nudryn at Crossroads Tavern. Lost One's Cowl, Leveled Gold
The Star-Gazers In Elden Root,Wayrest,Mournhold,Belkarth by talking to Star-Gazer Herald. Leveled Gold
The Time-Lost Warrior The Celestial Warrior in Belkarth Riven Hourglass, Sword of Martial Knowledge
Average Leveled Gold
The Warrior's Call In Bangkorai Gate, Buried Sands, Rahni'Za, Anka-Ra Burial Sites, Tombs of the Na-Totambu by talking to Titus Valerius at Bangkorai Gate. Edge of the Black Sands of the Air
Average Leveled Gold
Assaulting the Citadel Kailstig the Axe Warrior's Dulled Coffer (Normal Mode)
Warrior's Honed Coffer (Veteran Mode)
High Leveled Gold
The Mage's Tower Mighty Mordra Mage's Ignorant Coffer (Normal Mode)
Mage's Knowledgeable Coffer (Veteran Mode)
High Leveled Gold
The Oldest Ghost Turuk Redclaws or Atildel Serpent's Languid Coffer (Normal Mode)
Serpent's Coiled Coffer (Veteran Mode)
High Leveled Gold
Blood for Blood Filand Unidentified Bloodroot Forge Armaments
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
Falkreath's Demise Gurund Unidentified Falkreath Hold Armaments
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
Pledge: Bloodroot Forge Urgarlag Chief-bane at the Enclave Undaunted Key
Leveled Gold
Pledge: Falkreath Hold Urgarlag Chief-bane at the Enclave Undaunted Key
Leveled Gold


Craglorn Daily Quests


Craglorn Locales & Trivia

Overheard at the Crossroads Tavern in Belkarth:
“First the constellations fall down, and now creatures out of nightmares run wild! It was worse than any Daedra I ever saw. Shor’s bones, I swear it had the nastiest parts of every monster I’ve ever fought! And here I was thinking those welwa beasties were bad enough. When I stumbled on this thing, it was surrounded by their corpses. I watched the four-legged terror grab one and literally tear it in half. No joke!”
“It didn’t seem to be hunting for food either; it just tossed the bloody bits aside. I must’ve uttered an oath, because it turned toward me and let out a wail that’d shake any of you. I know we Undaunted aren’t supposed to show any fear, but by the Eight, I’ll admit it: I was daunted!”






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