Assaulting the Citadel


Star-Gazers' Observatory, Hel Ra Citadel


Warrior's Dulled Coffer
High Leveled Gold

Assaulting the Citadel is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

People venturing into Hel Ra Citadel have mysteriously vanished, including a group of Undaunted led by Kailstig the Axe. I should enter the Citadel to find out what happened to them.





  • Speak to Kailstig the Axe at the entrance of Hel Ra Citadel
  • Defeat the first Anka-Ra waves Ra Kotu
  • Split up your group into two separate groups, then proceed through the gates and defeat Yokeda Kai and Yokeda Rok'dun
  • (Optional) Regroup and sound the War Horn to defeat a large Anka-Ra wave
  • Enter the Hall of the Warrior and defeat The Celestial Warrior
  • Speak to Mindil the Untested and claim your reward




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