Elemental Army


Haddock's Market, Molavar, Frost Monarch Lair, Storm Lair, Balamath


Unstable Element Staff of the Fire
Average Leveled Gold

Elemental Army is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

The Celestial Thief appeared to me and asked for my help discovering why the atronachs that were summoned to destroy the Dark Anchors turned against the mages of Craglorn.
When called to destroy a Dark Anchor in Craglorn, atronachs turned on the mages who summoned them. One mage who escaped believes a Celestial caused it to happen.



  • Engariel in Star-Gazers' Observatory;
  • The Thief at the Proving Grounds Dolmen



  • Talk to the Thief at the Proving Grounds Dolmen.
    Find Kelmen Locke — Free Kelmen Locke from the Greycloak mercenaries.
  • Find Kelmen Locke in Haddock's Market.
  • Talk to and free Kelmen Locke.
    Bind the Monarchs — Capture the monarchs that are controlled by the serpent.
  • Capture the ancient atronachs under the Serpent's control.
  • Find Kelmen Locke at the ritual site.
    Summon Monarchs — Summon the Flame, Frost, and Storm Monarchs.
  • Summon the atronachs and hear their story.
  • Talk to Kelmen Locke.
    Defeat Air Monarch — Find and defeat the Air Monarch.
  • Kill the air monarch in Balamath.






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