The Star-Gazers


Elden Root
Covenant Wayrest
Belkarth, Bangkorai Gate


Very Low Leveled Gold

The Star-Gazers is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

A Herald has come with tales of a dire threat in the distant land of Craglorn. (if taken from the Herald)
I read a bulletin in Belkarth that mentions a dire threat to Craglorn. A group known as the Star-Gazers, led by someone named Hara, has asked for assistance. (if taken from the noticeboard)



  • Star-Gazer Herald; A Dire Warning



  • Find the Star-Gazer Herald in Mournhold, Wayrest or Elden Root.
    or read A Dire Warning in Belkarth or near Bangkorai Gate.
  • Ask the locals in Belkarth about the Star-Gazers.
  • Talk to Hara in the Star-Gazers' Observatory.
  • Receive the Star-Gazers' blessing.
  • Talk to the Thief.
  • Talk to Hara.






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