The Corrupted Stone is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Corrupted Stone Bestowal

"The guardian star sign of the Warrior has failed to appear to protect the mortal world from the Serpent. One of the Star-Gazers needs help uncovering what might be happening."



  • Talk to Erold at the Star-Gazers' Observatory.Jewel of the Skies — Search the Dwarven ruins for the Skystone Amulet.
  • Enter Mtharnaz.
  • Search for the Skystone Amulet.The Three Charges — Empower the Skystone Amulet at the Mundus Stones.
  • Visit the Lord, the Lady, and the Steed Stones in Western Craglorn.
  • Recharge the Skystone Amulet.Cleansing the Stone — Use the Skystone Amulet to cleanse the Warrior's Apex Stone.
  • Gain access to the inner portion of the Ruins of Kardala.
  • Defeat Izrunath the Corruptor.
  • Cleanse the Apex Stone.
  • Return to Erold in Belkarth.

Prerequisite & Next Quest

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