The Missing Guardian


Star-Gazers' Observatory, Reinhold's Retreat


Pendant of the Sundered of the Air
Average Leveled Gold

The Missing Guardian is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

Hara has decided it's time to do something about the third guardian, the Thief. The Thief has been mysteriously absent except for when she appears to speak to me in private.



  • Cursare, Nazdura



  • Talk to Nazdura at the Star-Gazers' Observatory.
  • Go upstairs to check on Hara.
  • Talk to Titus Valerius.
  • Talk to Kelmen Locke at the lake near Belkarth.
    Breaching the Ruins — Solve the riddle of the entrance to Reinhold's Retreat.
  • Open the hidden entrance to Reinhold's Retreat.
  • Search through the ruins.
    Rescue Hara — Drive back the Serpent's corruption and save Hara.
  • Defeat the Serpent's Corruption.
  • Talk to Hara.




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