The Time-Lost Warrior


Near the Howling Sepulchers


Riven Hourglass, Sword of Martial Knowledge
Average Leveled Gold

The Time-Lost Warrior is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

The Celestial Warrior is worried about his champion, Titus Valerius. Lost in time, Titus' memory has begun to break apart. He no longer remembers who he is or his connection to the Warrior. Without his memory, the Warrior can't send him home.



  • The Celestial Warrior in Belkarth



  • Talk to the Celestial Warrior outside the Star-Gazers' Observatory.
  • Find Titus outside the Howling Sepulchers.
  • Defeat Skarath of the Many to the southwest, and recover War-Sworn.
  • Return to Titus to receive your reward.



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