Slithering Brood


Fearfangs Cavern, Sunken Lair, Serpent's Nest


Unidentified Enchantment
Average Leveled Gold

Slithering Brood is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

A woman named Regent Cassipia has plans for the Scaled Court. It seems she opposes the Serpent. (if taken from Thaenaneth)
A woman claiming to be the leader of the Scaled Court requested my help. This Regent Cassipia wants me to help her stop the Scaled Court's process for creating a new type of creature for the Serpent's growing army—the mantikora. (if taken from Cassipia)



  • Thaenaneth in Belkarth;
  • Regent Cassipia in Dragonstar



  • Talk to Regent Cassipia in the abandoned farm outside Dragonstar.
  • Defeat Lakorrah the Matron‎ in Fearfangs Cavern.
  • Defeat Takara the Eggbearer‎ in Sunken Lair.
  • Speak to Cassipia outside Dragonstar again.
  • Find the Spawning Pools in Serpent's Nest.
  • Defeat the Progenitor Mantikora and free the prisoners.
  • Talk to Regent Cassipia.




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