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The Shattered and the Lost is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Shattered and the Lost Bestowal

"I encountered a Star-Gazer who told me that two High Elf women inside the Crossroads Tavern claim to be aspects of the Celestial Mage. I should talk to them and investigate their claims."



  • Talk to Star-Gazer Nudryn outside the Crossroads Tavern.
  • Talk to the High Elves inside the tavern.
  • Find the Gems — Find the gems needed to restore the Seeker's Sight.
  • Recover the gems of the Seeker's Sight from around Spellscar.
  • Find the first Mage aspect.
  • Talk to Valla at Ogondar's Winery.
  • Find the sewer entrance beneath Elinhir.
  • Defeat the Lost One.
  • Talk to Star-Gazer Trilion at the winery.

Prerequisite & Next Quest

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