The Shattered and the Lost


Belkarth, Spellscar, Ogondar's Winery, Magical Anomalies, Rkundzelft, Hircine's Haunt, Elinhir Sewerworks


Lost One's Cowl of Martial Knowledge
Average Leveled Gold

The Shattered and the Lost is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

I encountered a Star-Gazer who told me that two High Elf women inside the Crossroad Tavern claim to be aspects of the Celestial Mage. I should talk to them and investigate their claims.



  • Star-Gazer Nudryn at Crossroads Tavern



  • Talk to Star-Gazer Nudryn outside the Crossroads Tavern.
  • Talk to the High Elves inside the tavern.
  • Gather the three gems from around Spellscar.
  • Talk to Ahlora at Ogondar's Winery.
  • Charge the gems by defeating three Magical Anomalies.
  • Return to the Observatory and talk to Hara.
  • Use the Seeker's Sight.
  • Find the first Mage aspect located in Rkundzelft.
  • Find the second Mage aspect located in Hircine's Haunt.
  • Talk to Valla at Ogondar's Winery.
  • Find the sewer entrance beneath Elinhir.
  • Defeat the Lost One.
  • Talk to Star-Gazer Trilion at the winery.






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