The Truer Fangs


Dragonstar, Upper Craglorn


Nedic Coffer
Average Leveled Gold

The Truer Fangs is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

Safa al-Satakalaam, a priest of Satakal, is at odds with the Scaled Court. Three of her most powerful acolytes have deserted her to worship the Celestial Serpent. She wants me to punish these traitors and deny their power to the Scaled Court.



  • Safa al-Satakalaam



  • Talk to Safa al-Satakalaam inside the Dragonstar inn.
  • Find and defeat Raziyya - south of Skyreach Catacombs.
  • Find and defeat Mazaluhad - west of Valley of Scars Wayshrine.
  • Find and defeat Anyaq - northeast of Valley of Scars Wayshrine.
  • Return to Safa.




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